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5 Things To Do with Binder Clips

You rarely use a full box of binder clips-usually one or two get the job done.  So, instead of letting them gather dust in your desk put them to use and get them to help you stay organized before and after your vacation. Keep reading to find out how to they can make you more efficient in the kitchen as well.

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Get a Better Grip

Does a weak grip or arthritis make it hard for you to open jars and do other tasks with your hands? Use a large binder clip to add some grunt to your grip. Squeeze the folded-back wings of the clip, hold for a count of five and relax. Do this a dozen or so times with each hand a few times a day. It will strengthen your grip and release tension, too. You’ll find your faster in the kitchen.



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Keep Your Place

A medium-sized binder clip makes an ideal bookmark. If you don’t want it to leave impression marks on the pages, just tape a soft material, such as felt or even just some adhesive tape, to the inside jaws of the clip before using.





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Organize Your Greenbacks

To keep paper money in a neat bundle in your pocket or purse, stack the bills, fold them in half and put a small binder clip over the fold. This will fit neatly into a pocket or purse for easy access when you’re shoppping.


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Keep ID Handy

You’re at the airport and you know you’ll be asked to show your ID a few times. Instead of fishing in your wallet or trying to figure out which pocket you stuck your driver’s licence in, use a binder clip to firmly and conveniently attach your ID and other documents to your belt or the inside of a bag. You can also use a small binder clip to secure your office ID to your belt or a breast pocket.



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Mount a Photo

Don’t let all those great vacation photos go unseen. Here’s a great way to mount and hang a picture so that it has a clean, frameless look. Sandwich the picture between a sheet of glass or clear plastic and piece of hardboard or stiff cardboard. Then use tiny binder clips along the edges to clamp the pieces together. Use two or three clips on each side. After the clips are in place, remove the clip handles at front, then tie picture wire to the rear handles for hanging the picture.



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