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5 Things To Do with Baby Wipes

Baby wipes aren’t just handy for cleaning baby. Here are five other ways you can use the wipes for cleaning, shining and soothing.

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Baby wipes can be used for jobs around the house and cleanups on the go.

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1. Shine Your Shoes

Most moms know that a baby wipe does a pretty good job of brightening Junior’s white leather shoes. But did you ever think of using one to put the shine back in your leather pumps-especially with that 10 AM meeting fast approaching?

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2. Clean Your Computer Keyboard

Periodically shaking out your computer keyboard is a good way to get rid of the dust and debris that gathers underneath and in between the keys. But that’s just half the job. Use the baby wipe to remove the dirt, dried spills and other gunk that builds up on the keys themselves. Make sure to turn off the computer or unplug the keyboard before you wipe the keys.

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3. Use for Quick, On-the-Move Cleanups

Baby wipes are great for wiping your hands after pumping gas, mopping up small spills in the car, and cooling your sweaty brow after a run. They’re also ideal for travelling. The next time you set off on the road, pack a small stack of wipes in a tightly closed self-sealing sandwich bag and store them in the car’s glove compartment or in your purse.


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4. Soothe Your skin

Did you get a bit too much sun at the beach? You can temporarily cool a sunburn by gently patting the area with a baby wipe.


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5. Remove Stains from Carpet, Clothing and Upholstery

Use a baby wipe to blot up coffee spills from your rug or carpet; it absorbs both the liquid and the stain. Wipes can also be effectively used to clean up various spills and drips on your clothing and upholstered furniture.


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