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5 Things To Do with Address Labels

Got some extra address labels lying around? Use them to tag your luggage, kids’ supplies, electronics, and more! Read on for the many great uses of address labels.

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Adress labels

Address labels aren’t just handy on envelopes-you can stick them on just about anything.

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1. Tag Your Bags

Address labels aren’t only for sticking on envelopes. They can be an effective, inexpensive way of making sure your lost items stand a chance of finding their way home. Place an address label-covered with a small piece of sticky tape or clear packing tape to prevent wear-inside your laptop PC bag, designer eye-wear case, gym bag, backpack and all pieces of luggage-whether they are tagged or not.

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2. Label Your Electronics

Few people bother to take out insurance on their collection of personal electronics equipment, but replacing a high-end PDA, camera, camcorder, or MP3 player can run into some serious money. Still, a tape-covered address label conspicuously placed on your gear just may facilitate its safe return. Of course, there are no guarantees, but at least the policy is cheap enough.

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3. Secure School Supplies

It’s one of the universal truths of parenthood-kids’ pencil cases, folders, felt-tip pens and other school supplies are forever disappearing. You may be able to lessen the losses, however, by affixing address labels with a piece of transparent tape to the contents of your child’s desk and backpack.

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4. Hang On to Your Umbrella

A well-made umbrella can last for years, but that won’t help if you lose it. Minimize the risk of your loss becoming someone else’s gain by sticking an address label on the umbrella handle, then covering it with clear packing tape. This protects the label from the elements, and makes it more difficult to remove.

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5. Identify Items for Repair

Do you suffer from separation anxiety when you take your beloved stereo equipment or another precious item into the repair shop? You may feel better if you place an address label on the base or some other unobtrusive, undamaged area. However, this practice is not recommended for all personal treasures-you probably wouldn’t want to label paper documents, painting, photos and those sorts of things.

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