Pet-Portrait Pillows

These pillows are a unique way to honor cherished four-legged family members, and they’re easier than they look.

Pet-Portrait Pillows

You can transfer photos to fabric yourself with a scanner, an ink-jet printer, and special transfer paper, then glue in place on a premade pillow cover. If you don’t have the equipment, some copy shops can transfer photos to fabric for you.

What you will need:

Photo of dog or cat

T-shirt transfer sheets for ink-jet printers (such as those made by Avery, available at office-supply and craft stores)

Throw pillow with removable cover

All-cotton or cotton/poly blend white fabric on which to transfer photo

Fabric glue

Step 1:

If making patchwork-style pillow, measure pillow cover and divide into 16 squares to determine the correct measurement of each photo. For both regular and patchwork pillows, following manufacturer’s instructions, scan and print photo(s) onto T-shirt transfer sheet, enlarging or decreasing image(s) as necessary.

Step 2:

Still following manufacturer’s instructions, transfer photo(s) onto white fabric. Then trim photo(s), fold edges under, press, and hem straight on all sides.

Step 3:

For one-image pillow, center image on front cover of pillow and use fabric glue to attach, being careful to glue down all edges. For patchwork pillow, attach images to front cover of pillow, patchwork-style, being careful to glue down all edges.

PHOTO: © Joshua McHugh

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