The Best Bird Breeds for Beginners

When you are thinking of what type of bird is best for a beginner, start simple. They say you've got...

Reptile or Amphibian: The Right Pet for You?

Reptiles and amphibians-affectionately called "herps," from the Greek word for "creeping thing"-aren't everyone's idea of the perfect pet. They may...

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Good Dog Guide

Here's how you can get the best from man's best friend

Dog-Leash Holder

This adorable -- and helpful -- gift is easy to create with some paint, photos, and biscuits.

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Get the Best Vet for Your Pet

Here’s how to find a veterinarian who combines compassion and skill with respect for your pocketbook

How to Encourage Good Behaviour from your Pet

Loving your four-legged companion is easy. Getting them to learn the rules? Not so much. Here's what you need to...

Feeling at Home with Your Pet

Whether you're a new pet owner or simply thinking of inviting one into your family, there are a lot of...

Tips for Affordable Pet Owning

No matter the animal, owning a pet can quickly become a financial burden. To save money while still being a...

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Pets: The Most Loving Allergen Source

If you are allergic to your pet, don't blame the animal's hair or fur. What you're really allergic to are...

Playtime for Your Pet

DIY toy solutions for dog owners looking to save a buck or to get crafty with their animals.

Choose a Pet for Children

Pets give children a valuable sense of responsibility and an outlet for affection. They need looking after, though, and you...

Teach a Cat the House Rules

Housebreaking a cat can be a difficult process. Follow these tips to keep your home intact while breaking in the...

Does Catnip “Work” on Big Cats Like Lions and Tigers?

Catnip (or Nepeta cataria, as scientists so eloquently call it) is a perennial herb that drives many house cats wild

Trouble-free Animals

Buying a pet can be a huge investment--financially, but also emotionally. Make sure you're getting the right pet for you,...

Unbelievable Dog Tricks

Every dog owner believes their pet to be miraculous in their own way--these pups have mastered tricks known only to...

Why Are Whiskers So Important?

Ask any bald man and he will tell you that he bumps his head more often than he did when...

Favourite Dog Memories

I've shared my life with many dogs. We raised most of them from pups. Some were mutts. Others were purebreds.