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8 Hilarious Animal Photos

Have a laugh with eight amazingly funny photos that show some adorable animals truly going wild.

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1. Pink Flamingo

Ever seen a flamingo do the moon walk? No? Us either – but this long-legged lad’s trying some other rap moves. 

(Photo courtesy of Animal-Press)

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2. Red Squirell

The red squirrel creed: dance like nobody’s watching, love like you have an average life span of three years, and wear your hair like you’ve never seen a mirror in your life.

(Photo courtesy of animal-press/Caters News Agency Ltd)

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3. Malaysian Praying Mantis

When a Malaysian praying mantis asks you for the next tango, you say yes…or risk having your head bitten off.

(Photo courtesy of Igor Siwanowicz/Barcroft Media) 

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4. Penguins

“Where’s the wedding? Who’s got the ring? And who can dance in these #$%@*& tuxedos!”

(Photo courtesy of Frans Lanting/Corbis)

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5. Pelican

“Yes, I normally only eat seafood – but if you don’t drop that fish, I am more than happy to make an exception”

(Photo courtesy of animal-press/Caters)

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6. Pigeon

Pigeon 1: “Hey, what’s that around your neck?”

Pigeon 2: “A ham sandwich. What do you think? It’s pret-a-porter?”

Pigeon 1: “I just don’t get today’s fashion.”

(Photo courtesy of animal-press)

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7. Red-Winged Blackbird/Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-winged blackbird: “Wow, avian air taxi. I’m a genius!”

Red-tailed hawk: “Just remember, buddy, the meter’s running.”

(Photo courtesy of Alan Stankewitz/

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8. Grey Seal

What did the smelt say to the albatross? This grey seal seems to appreciate the answer!

(Photo courtesy of Michael Hutchinson/SplashdownDirect/Barcroft Media/animal-press)