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7 Wacky Pet Products

From dog diapers to horse tattoos, these 7 wacky pet products prove to be both hilarious and practical.

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1. The Cat Caller

Don’t know where your feisty feline is hiding? Simply click a button on your paw-shaped Cat Caller remote and the receiver on your pet’s collar will beep and flash. Plus, since “kitty, kitty” rarely works, just help your cat associate the alert with being rewarded, and after enough repetition it can learn to come when “called”.

You can locate and call up to three cats at once with a single remote, with a range that covers half a football field, and can work through thick walls, closets and doors. And since we not only lose track of our pets but are also prone to misplacing the clicker, the Cat Caller conveniently attaches to your keychain.


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2. Doggles

Yup, you guessed it- these babies are goggles, but made for dogs! Doggles come in five sizes and 10 different lens shades to keep your dog looking hip. The lenses are shatterproof and anti-fog, provide 100% UV protection, and are specially designed to be comfortable for your pup. Try the racing flames lenses for the hardcore motorcycle pug, or lilacs for a pretty lady poodle. (Photo courtesy of Zebra Studios)


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3. Pet Tattoos

Does your pet have a rebellious side that’s aching to get out? Why not get your pet inked?

Pet-Ink’s Semi-Permanent Tattoos are made especially for pets using vegetable oil and dry mineral based dyes that are safe and last for two to four weeks. Tattoo kits start at under $7, and you can choose from a variety of sizes and over 500 designs, from a miniature Chihuahua to a racing stallion. Plus, a portion of all proceeds goes to the ASPCA to help abused and needy animals find loving families. Why not give your pet a rad tat as well as support their less fortunate canine compadres?


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4. Sniff Pet Candles

Many of us have experienced a smelly dog fart. Fart and Away candles, however, will whisk the gas away by masking the smell and preventing future upset doggy tummies (they are infused with soothing tuberose and ylang ylang). After all, with more than 50 times the number of scent receptions in a dog’s nose than in ours, your dog was born to sniff.


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5. SnoreStop for Pets

There’s nothing worse than someone’s snoring keeping you up at night – even when it’s your adorable animal companion. Fortunately, Green Pharmaceuticals, the “snoring specialists”, offer a line of homeopathic products for pets. With quick-dissolving tablets and fast-acting oral spray, they’re guaranteed to rid your pet of its snoring problem (or your money back). Even better, they’re sedative- and stimulant-free, non-habit forming, and developed to be gentle enough for small animals.

As an added bonus, SnoreStop also dries up built-up mucous and acts as an antihistamine – especially good for pets with allergies. Sleep happy, the both of you!


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6. Poochie Pants

Do you have an aging dog that suffers from incontinence, or an easily-excitable pup that tends to leave a wet mess? Well, say hello to Poochie Pants, “the best dog diapers on the market”.

Poochie Pants come in both casual and fancy styles for each gender. They are both washable, but differ in material: cotton for the “day-look” and satin for when your pooch needs to dress up. Marrying function with fashion, they are designed with a dog’s anatomy in mind, though you can still order custom fits.


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7. PooTrap

Say goodbye to messy clean-ups with the PooTrap, a simple apparatus that attaches to your dog’s heiny. Good for whenever your dog does his business, simply remove, tie and throw away the bag. And while criticisms exist, let’s be honest: Not all pooch poops are created equal. Plus, it’s so easy to use even young kids can take the dog out, as can people who have difficulty bending low. 

US$30 to $40,