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5 Adorable Cat Pics Taken by Reader’s Digest Fans

Take a look at five great cat pics submitted by Reader’s Digest Pets fans just like you!

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Ninja, Tuexdo Cat

Jayne, of Waverley, N.S., says Ninja came from the SPCA, and that he chose her when he did everything in his power to stop her from putting him back in his cage.

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Tommy, Tom Cat

Tammy, of Nakusp, B.C., says Tommy was an adopted stray. He sure like to yawn (or roar!) from the looks of it.

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Jasper and Ginger, Flame Point Siamese

Coby, of London, Ont., says Jasper is getting a bath from his mother, Ginger.

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Raggedy Andy, Ragdoll

Wilma, of Lethbridge, Alta., says this is Raggedy Andy’s official 6-month birthday anniversary portrait.

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Boo Radley, Tuxedo Cat

Edith, of North York, Ont., says Boo has improved her life drastically, and the two are great friends who depend on each other.