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3 Tips for Finding an Apartment with Your Pet

Finding a pet-friendly apartment can be tough, but our tips can make the search a little easier.

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It can be difficult to find an apartment if you’ve got a pet. Many landlords have “no pets” policies; others may hesitate due to concerns about noise, damage and smell; and people are more apt to rent to someone with a small pet versus a large one. Follow these tips to simplify the process and find the perfect home for both you and your furry friend.

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Search Smart

Search Smart

Start your search by looking at ads which specifically indicate that the place is pet-friendly. If it’s not stated in the ad, ask the landlord up front about the apartment building’s pet policy.

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Negotiate With Homeowners First

Negotiate With Homeowners First

You’ll have a better chance with a landlord who’s renting an apartment in a house rather than in a building, according to Jodi Gilmour, a Toronto-based realtor and host of HGTV’s For Rent. That’s because a homeowner has the authority to make an exception, while a property manager often doesn’t.

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Address the Landlord's Concerns

Address the Landlord’s Concerns

If the landlord simply is hesitant, address his or her concerns about:

Thoughts of cats shredding carpets or dog nails destroying hardwood floors can be worrisome to landlords. Offer to put down a large deposit to cover unforeseen damage.

Noise/Behaviour: Bring the pet with you to meet the landlord. “Then the landlord can see that the dog is well trained or that the cat is calm,” Green says. You might also offer references for your pet from property owners of your previous homes.

Smell: Offer to pay for a professional ozone treatment once you move out, to neutralize the smell of your dog or cat.

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