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Top 10 Tips for Green Living

No one can stop global warming alone. We need to work together for tough clean energy laws-and we also need to take every steps to reduce our impact on the planet. Read on for ten green tips from renowned environmental activist Tzeporah Berman.

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The battle against climate change requires both individual and collective action.

Tzeporah Berman is the founder of PowerUp Canada.

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3. Organize a discussion, fundraiser, or event to raise awareness at your home, school, or office.

Choose an environmental organization to partner with and ask them to send materials and/or a speaker.

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4. Once a week, take five minutes and contact your mayor or another politician.

Ask them to support renewable power, create strong policies and laws to fight climate change, and protect forests and endangered species. If you are shy or don’t have much time, go to the website of your favorite environmental group and sign their current petition or send their form letter. Our politicians will only act if they see that we care.

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5. Make sure your home is well-insulated and not leaking energy.

The best thing is to get a home blower test and energy audit-these steps will more than pay for themselves in savings.

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6. Take a look at your transportation.

Anything you can do to reduce flying and driving pollution-like walking, bicycling, using public transit, or carpooling-will help your footprint a lot.

7. Watch the beef!

Livestock cause a lot of greenhouse gas emissions, so cut back on your meat consumption.

10. Talk to your friends and don’t let them despair!

Lots of people find global warming depressing and hopeless. We all need to know that we’re in this together, that our friends care too, and that together, we can make the transition to a clean energy economy.

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