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Remove Stains the Environmentally Friendly Way

You don’t need to use harsh, and harmful, chemicals to remove that wine stain from your favourite blouse. Everyday household products will often do the trick. 

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Did You Know?

Most stains can be removed with all-natural items hanging around your kitchen. Sometimes you need nothing more than nature’s great solvent: water. Two simple tricks to sucessful stain removal: Keep a natural stain removal kit on hand, and act quickly. Check out our gallery of stains for quick, easy fixes.

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Dab the stain with, or soak it in, a mixture of 2 Tbsp borax per 500 mL water.


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Rub with white vinegar or lemon juice. Leave for an hour or two, then launder.



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Soak a new stain in cold water. Add a handlful of salt for a stubborn stain. If the stain is old, rub it with vegetable glycerine first to soften.