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How to Have a Completely Awesome Day

Waking up and getting on with your daily routine isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but we’ve got a how-to package to help you have the perfect day at work.

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How to Wake Up and Not Be a Jerk

How to Wake Up and Not Be a Jerk

Liza Fromer, co-host of Global TV’s The Morning Show, tells us how to do it:
Does “early to bed, early to rise” come naturally? No! But I’ve become better at it.
What’s your schedule? I go to bed before 8 p.m. and get up at 3:30 a.m. I try to squeeze in a nap during the day.
What kind of alarm do you have? An old-school alarm clock – plus my BlackBerry.
How do you make sure to wake up on the right side of the bed? Heading to a job I love makes it easier – and coffee. Lots of coffee.

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How to Remember Someone's Name and Face

How to Remember Someone’s Name and Face

Starting a new job? Don’t get stuck in the embarrassing situation of forgetting someone’s name with these quick tips:
Tip one: Upon introduction, pay attention to the person’s name.
Tip two: Tie the name to an image. For example, if the name is Mike, try visualizing a microphone.
Tip three: For more complex monikers, create compound images. For example, for Reese Witherspoon, you could visualize her face, plus a withered plant and a spoon.
Tip four: Tie the image(s) to the person’s most distinguishing feature.

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How to Pick the Right Morning Drink

How to Pick the Right Morning Drink

If you have a coffee habit and champagne tastes: The AeroPress, a French press-espresso machine hybrid, makes a very fine (and totally on-trend) brew. Strong enough for an Italian elitist, made for a beginner barista.
If you think clean living is about more than just housework: The combo of lemon juice and warm water jump-starts taste buds, stimulates digestion and shores up the immune system. It does not, however, wake you up. 
If you prefer your caffeine kick with a side of pretty: Like a tasty sea monkey, blooming tea metamorphoses in water, unfurling its bundle of wrapped and dried leaves to reveal the flowers at its centre.

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How to Ride the Subway Without Touching Anything or Anyone

How to Ride the Subway Without Touching Anything or Anyone

DO keep your arms by your sides, ready to reach for a pole should your equilibrium fail you.
DO stand with your knees slightly bent and your feet shoulder-width apart.
DO make sure you have enough room to shuffle your feet to compensate for jerky stops/power failures/narcoleptic neighbours. 
DON’T attempt to read a book, drink coffee or play Plants vs. Zombies on your phone. You’re not Laird Hamilton.

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How to Take the Elevator Without Pushing People's Buttons

How to Take the Elevator Without Pushing People’s Buttons

Etiquette consultant, Nancy Kosik, tells us how to do it:
Head for the back, or move to one of the corners before resorting to the centre. If you’re going up only one floor, you should take the stairs, lazybones.
Zip it. No one wants to hear about your weekend – or your new kale recipe.
Check your baggage: hold backpack in front of you, keep pet close.
Travelling with a stroller? Back into the elevator to exit more easily.

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How to Give a Deal-Making Handshake

How to Give a Deal-Making Handshake

1. Extend hand midpoint between yourself and the other person.
2. Grip firmly and squeeze.
3. Lock eyes and shake no more than three times.

Avoid these handshakes at all costs:
The Bone Crusher, because you’re pleased to meet them, not pleased to hurt them.
The Clingy Boyfriend, because it’s important to know when it’s time to let go.
The Jackhammer, please, slow down.
The Waterworks, because no one enjoys a clammy hand.
The Limp Biscuit, because you couldn’t seem less interested if you tried.

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How to Give a Compliment Without Seeming Creepy

How to Give a Compliment Without Seeming Creepy

Be sincere and specific. Focus on performance. Use the person’s name. If you can’t resist complimenting his or her appearance, frame the praise professionally, not sexually. Focus on the face; dropping your eyes any lower than the chin is in direct violation of pretty much every code of conduct.
DO: “Super PowerPoint presentation, Mathilda. The client had great things to say about it.”
DON’T: “Super PowerPoint presentation, Mathilda. You can power my point any time.”

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How to Be Productive at WorkPhoto: Literature For Life

How to Be Productive at Work

1. Surround yourself with inspiring images
2. Bring your dog to work to reduce stress
3. Revise to-dos daily to meet shifting priorities
4. Minimize number of open applications and windows
5. Keep most pressing files on your desk
6. Stick to self-imposed 30-minute deadlines

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How to Fit Three Exercises Into Your Day

How to Fit Three Exercises Into Your Day

Quick squats: Keep feet hip-width apart, move butt back as far as possible, then lower as though to sit down. Repeat.  
Calf raises: While waiting at the printer, stand tall on tiptoe and drop slowly back down to your feet. Repeat.  
Push-ups: Place your hands on desk a little less than shoulder-width apart, and keep your elbows close to your ribs as you lower down. Repeat.

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How to Laugh at Your Boss's Jokes

How to Laugh at Your Boss’s Jokes

a) The key to a genuine smile is in the eyes. Hike up your cheekbones to produce the crinkling effect of crow’s feet.
b) You don’t have to laugh, but you do have to smile. A poker face looks rude.
c) If you feel a smile is still too cold, throw in a subtle head nod.