6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom into a Luxe Home Spa

Planning on renovating your bathroom, but unsure of where to start? From high-tech fixtures to dreamy details, these design tips from Toronto-based decorator and blogger Tim Lam are sure to inspire.

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Studio S Freestanding Tub

1. Be consistent with style

Over the course of his career, Tim Lam has decorated countless powder rooms, bathrooms and ensuites. The one thing they all have in common? They share the look and style of the house in which they’re situated. “Whether your look is traditional, transitional or contemporary, your bathroom should reflect the style of the rest of your home,” Lam says. To achieve that sense of cohesion, he advises homeowners to take cues from the existing colour palette, mood, and design details throughout their homes to inform their bathroom reno.

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Studio S Bathroom Collection

2. Make a spa-like statement

“Luxury is more popular than ever,” says Lam, “so whatever your style, splurge to create an at-home sanctuary when you can.” Luxuries that Tim relies on to create that relaxing spa-like ambience include a freestanding bathtub (a total statement piece), dimmable lighting (to accompany a long soak), a built-in bidet (for that extra-clean effect), elongated toilet seats (which are more contemporary and comfortable) and a glass shower enclosure tiled with natural stone like quartz (offering timeless elegance). Details like this deliver the dreamy vibe that many of his customers crave.

American Standard Tim Img 1000x750Photo: Tim Lam

3. Get trendy

When it comes to buzz-worthy bathroom trends, Lam notes that the sleek silhouettes of wall-mounted and tankless toilets are in high demand. “They’re easy to install and they lend a clean, airy look to a small space,” he says. Consider American Standard’s Studio S Collection, which features polished but pared-back profiles in everything from faucets to fixtures and furniture—including a tankless toilet. These sleek designs may be cutting-edge, but they’ve got a staying power that’s sure to increase your home’s resale value for years to come.

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Studio S Tankless Toilet

4. Embrace the bidet

There are plenty of reasons a bidet is a better way to wash your behind. It’s good for the environment (thanks to the reduction in toilet paper use); it can be more sanitary (thanks to a hands-free flush); and it’s easier on ailments like hemorrhoids and IBS (thanks to the gentle water wash). Luxury bidet toilets and seats like American Standard’s SpaLet® line go a step further to bring the spa experience to the bathroom. Think heated seats, warm sprays, auto-lift lids and built-in odour fighters. Lam himself is a total fan. “The modern bidet is a good way to bring comfort and self-pampering back into our lives while striving to be more environmentally friendly and germ-free,” he says.

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Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Toilet

5. Splurge on a tip-top toilet

Experts say you should scrub your toilet at least once a week, but chances are, they’ve never met American Standard’s VorMax toilets, which flush with twice the power of their competitors. The VorMax’s patented flush strikes all the hard-to-reach spots as it cleans the bowl from top to bottom, meaning you can get away with scouring less. Speaking of toilet innovations that make life easier, it’s time to put away the plunger! American Standard’s Champion technology combines timeless design with modern innovation to virtually eliminate clogs…and flush away all those embarrassing conversations that come with them. If this toilet can flush 24 golf balls, it can handle just about anything!

6. Don’t forget finishing touches

Often overlooked, the bathroom is an important design element in any home—it is, after all, that little sanctuary where we spend a lot of time. When it comes to those final decorative finishes, choose elegant accents like American Standard’s Studio S Towel Bar and Hooks that can be loaded with plush towels and bathmats that play up that serene, soothing aesthetic. Mount a hook within easy reach of the freestanding tub to hang your cozy robe while you soak, and dress the vanity with soaps and candles in your favourite fragrances. Accessorize like the experts do, and empty cotton swabs, make-up removal pads and bath salts into shapely apothecary jars; corral your soaps and hand creams on a tray; and always have a vase of fresh blooms on display. Lam’s ultimate bathroom indulgence? Aesop soap, hand cream and room spray. “It’s the best!” he says.

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