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4 Do-It-Yourself Christmas Ornaments

Love Christmas crafting? Try making these fun, festive decorations this holiday season.

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 Ribbon Ball Ornament

Ribbon Ball Ornament

These gorgeous balls are nothing more than beautiful ribbons wrapped around a Styrofoam base. Make several for your tree or to pile in a pretty bowl.

What you will need:

1-1/8 yards each of 3/8-inch-wide ribbon in two contrasting colors
3-inch Styrofoam ball
Straight pins
Cloves, if desired
20-inch length of 1/4-inch-wide gold ribbon

What to do:

1: Wrap one color ribbon around ball, dividing it in half, and pin in place at top of ball. Cut ribbon. Wrap ribbon around ball in the opposite direction, dividing ball into quarters. Pin in place at top of ball and cut ribbon. Repeat until ball is divided into eight equal sections.

2: Using the same technique, wrap the ball with the other ribbon, covering the empty spaces on the Styrofoam. Note: If using cloves, leave small spaces between ribbon pieces.

 3: If desired, carefully stud ball with the cloves in the spaces between the ribbons.

4: Loosely loop 1/4-inch ribbon back and forth to create a bow and hanger. Pin in place on top of ornament.

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Picture Frame Ornament

Picture Frame Ornament

These make great holiday party favors. Simply snap pictures of guests during the festivities, then slip them into mini-frames that you’ve prepared.

What you will need:

4-1/2-inch x 3-1/2-inch wooden picture frames or any frames with the right-size window for your photos
Spray paint
Additional paint or decorations, as desired
Ribbon for hanging
Glue gun 

What to do:

Remove the glass from frame and spray-paint the frame. Let dry and decorate as desired. Use the glue gun to attach a ribbon hanger to the back. Replace glass and insert photo.

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Ribbon Pinecone Ornament

Ribbon Pinecone Ornament

Creating these ornaments takes time and patience, but the stunning results are worth it.

What you will need:

3 yards 7/8-inch-wide satin ribbon
3-inch egg-shaped Styrofoam ball
110 1/2-inch sequin pins
20-inch length of 1/4-inch-wide ribbon
2-inch pearl-head hat pin

What to do:

1. Cut 7/8-inch ribbon into 55 1-3/4-inch lengths.

2. Fold top right corner and top left corner of each length down to meet in center of bottom edge of ribbon to create a triangle shape.

3. Starting at narrow end of egg, position triangle. Pin in place, using one pin at each top corner. Continue with other triangles, overlapping raw edges, to completely cover egg.

4. Loosely loop 1/4-inch ribbon back and forth to create a bow and hanger. Use hat pin to attach to top of ornament.

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Sticker Decoupage Ornament

Sticker Decoupage Ornament

Search out Victorian-style stickers for these beautiful balls. Gold size and leaf (found at art- or craft-supply stores) add a rich sparkle and are surprisingly easy to use.

What you will need:

3-inch to 4-inch glass ball ornament
Plastic drinking straw
Masking tape
Florist’s foam brick
2-1/2-inch x 4-inch cherub or floral stickers
Manicure scissors
Spray glass cleaner
Wooden coffee stirrer
2-1/2 ounces gold leaf size
1/4-inch round soft-bristled paintbrush
1/2-inch round soft-bristled paintbrush
Mineral spirits or turpentine
2 5-inch-square sheets composition gold leaf
Cotton ball 

What to do:

1: Prepare ornament for decoupage. Remove ornament cap. Insert straw into opening, then wrap masking tape around straw and neck of ball. To free both hands during work, insert straw “handle” into foam brick as needed.

2: Using manicure scissors, cut out cherubs from stickers, then make tiny slits (3/8-inch deep and about 3/8-inch apart) around the edge of each cutout (see illustration A).

3: Clean ball with glass cleaner. Peel backing off sticker and position it on ball. Use coffee stirrer to smooth sticker from center out, so cut edges overlap as they curve around ball. Repeat to affix second sticker to opposite side of ball.

4: Using 1/4-inch brush, apply size to glass ball around edges of each sticker, then use 1/2-inch brush to apply size to rest of ball. Let dry 5 to15 minutes; clean brushes in mineral spirits.

5: Gently place two sheets of gold leaf onto work surface. Use fingers to tear both sheets into irregular 1-inch to 2-inch pieces. When surface of ball is tacky (5 to 15 minutes), touch fingertip to piece of leaf, lift and transfer to ball, then gently tap in place. Repeat, tearing additional leaf if necessary, until entire ball is covered. Press dry 1/2-inch brush gently over entire surface. Let ball dry overnight, then burnish surface by rubbing gently with cotton ball. Remove tape and straw. Replace cap.