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10 Canadian Artisans Worth Watching

Twice a year, craftspeople from across the country converge at Toronto’s One of a Kind Show to display their wares. Of the 450 exhibitors at the show’s spring instalment, these 10 Canadian artisans stand out as ones to watch.

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Adrienne Jackson, Crush Works

Home base: Toronto

Toss cushions are an easy way bring new life to an old sofa, and Adrienne Jackson’s lively prints are guaranteed to turn back to the clock. Her daring designs-think Rorschach tests in showstopping colours-are nothing less than abstract art for your furniture. A worthy splurge, especially when you consider there’s a feather-fill pillow inside each one-of-a-kind cover.

Cushion, $120, Crush Works.

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Dominika Solan, The Lily Guild

Home base: Toronto

A florist by training, Dominika Solan traded her floral snips for craft scissors in 2015 to launch The Lily Guild, an Etsy shop specializing in three-dimensional bouquets made entirely from paper and wire. Her hand-crafted peonies, anemones and seeded eucalyptus are one-of-a-kind works of art that make a refreshing alternative to a conventional bridal bouquet. What’s more, they’ll outlast the genuine articles by several decades!

Paper flower forever alternative bridal wedding bouquet, $325, The Lily Guild.

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Julia Alimova & Boris Bykov, ViViD

Home base: Toronto

Hey grooms-to-be: Want to avoid a matchy-matchy look in your wedding party? Go bespoke with these gorgeous (and truly one-of-a-kind) bow ties in on-trend blush. While you’re at it, snap up one of ViViD’s custom pocket squares in a complementary colour.

Hand-stitched Italian silk bow ties, $55 each, ViViD.

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Alexia Bilyk

Home base: Toronto

That might be your grandmother’s jade plant, but this certainly isn’t her planter pot! In creating these one of a kind containers, textile designer and artist Alexia Bilyk trades in conventional terra cotta for-get this-washable paper. The surprisingly durable material is similar to leather in how it wears, and proves the perfect canvas for Bilyk’s playfullly primitive screen-printed patterns.

Washable paper container planter, $25, Alexia Bilyk.

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Christian Roy

Home base: Montreal

Montreal’s Christian Roy attributes his passion for pottery to a childhood fascination with small stones. Now a master thrower, his stunning stonewares reflect the natural forms, textures and colours that sparked his youthful imagination.

Ceramic bowls, from $14 to $45 each, Christian Roy.

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Melanie Walkty & Tyler Fitzmaurice, LEMO Lemonade

Home base: Montreal

Stocking your home bar never tasted so sweet… And tart. Made from hand-zested lemons, oranges and grapefruit, Melanie Walkty & Tyler Fitzmaurice’s small-batch lemonade syrup should be considered an essential ingredient in your summer cocktail lineup (although truth be told, it’s just as tasty served straight-up).

Lemonade syrup, $20, LEMO Lemonade.

7 / 10

Chantal Poirier, OUT

Home base: Montreal

Buck tradition this Father’s Day and swap the necktie for something he’ll actually use-like this one of a kind tool pouch, for instance. Montreal-based textile designer Chantal Poirier’s felted wool and oiled leather caddy is as handsome as it is handy.

Tools pouch, $70, OUT.

8 / 10

Leanne Rhem & Zac Kenny, Gold & Ginger.

Home base: Picton, Ontario

There aren’t that many opportunities to introduce eye-popping patterns in the kitchen, so you can afford to go wild with your linens! They’re also a wonderful way to support up-and-coming Canadian artisans like Leanne Rhem and Zac Kenny, whose digitally-printed pot holder and oven mitt set would make a buzz-worthy addition to any kitchen countertop.

Oven mitts and pot holder set, $55, Gold & Ginger.

9 / 10

Mélissa Tremblay and Fratzel Descadres, FM300

Home base: Montreal

Don’t let the retro-styling of Mélissa Tremblay and Fratzel Descadres’ little plywood boombox fool you: It connects to your smartphone to deliver serious decibels.

Mini-portable speaker, $80, FM300.

10 / 10

Stephanie Goyer-Morin, Goye.

Home base: Montreal

The merest hint of blush and a scalloped edge are all it takes to give this porcelain teapot oodles of personality. The elevated design-it perches on a built-in pedestal-ensures Stephanie Goyer-Morin’s pretty pot is the focal point of any tea-time tablescape.

Porcelain teapot, $100, Goye.

For more information on these talented Canadian artisans, check out the One of a Kind Show website.

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