Growing season is short in Canada, so make the most of it with these expert gardening tips. Find problem-solving flowers for every type of growing condition, house plant hacks, and more pro tips to keep your green thumb supple.

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Veggie Gardening for Latecomers

If you haven’t yet planted a vegetable garden, don’t worry. Summer-planted gardens grow well because the soil is warm and...

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Organic Pest Control

Don’t want to douse your garden in chemicals? Send plant-eating critters packing with these homemade solutions.

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Fend Off Yard Invaders

Whether it’s ants making you antsy, mosquitoes hunting for your blood, or snails stealing your veggies, there’s a way to...

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Gardening for Birds and Butterflies

As natural habitats are replaced by developed land, many species of birds and butterflies become increasingly reliant on the space...

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How to Create Your Dream Garden

Turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis with these tips for picking, planting, and caring for outdoor plants.

How to Start an Indoor Veggie Garden

With a little planning you can enjoy herbs for your culinary masterpieces, fresh salad greens, and other tasty vegetables fresh...

Bring In a Hint of Green

Don't get gloomy from the winter blahs. You can chase the grey away by creating your own indoor oasis.  

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Indoor Gardening 101

Before you get planting you need to brush up on a few pointers. To help you get started here’s what...

Go On! Get Down and Dirty!

Digging in the dirt may be a natural cure for depression according to recent research that shows a common type...

Late-Blooming Veggies for Summer Seeding

It's not too late to take the plunge and plant your own vegetables. The following veggies mature quickly and are...

Perennial Possibilities for Autumn

Late summer and fall can be colourful times for your garden, with plenty of brilliant blooms and flamboyant foliage. Discover...

Christmas Trees

Fresh-cut trees are longer lasting and are less likely to become fire traps. To test for freshness, bend a needle...

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Coffee & tea

Coffee grounds placed in the planting hole encourage acid-forming bacteria, boosting the growth of such acid-loving plants as blueberries...

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Add real wood-smoke flavor to foods cooked on your gas grill with a handful of green twigs from garden...

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Stratification is the name given to the process of inducing seeds to emerge from dormancy through cold treatment.

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Repotting can be done at any time, especially if a plant is suffering. But the best time to perform...

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Pruning roses

Severe pruning of everblooming roses produces fewer but larger flowers. This method renews old and overgrown rose bushes and...

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The poppy family (Papaver) includes 50 species of annuals and perennials with crinkled, cuplike blooms reminiscent of crepe paper.

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Coordinating your porch furniture and plants will create a more inviting environment. Rattan or wicker pieces look best with...

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Apples naturally contain this setting agent. If your jellies aren't setting up properly, place a cheesecloth sack filled with the...

Quick Tips for Trimming Hedges Fast & Well

Do your hedges need some pruning? Curious how often you should trim your hedges? Here are helpful instructions and guidelines...

How to Remove Bulbs, Fuss-Free

In some instances, bulbs are best removed for storage instead of being left in the ground.

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How To Take Cuttings

Taking cuttings is a simple, quick way to propagate plants so that you can multiply all sorts of species in...

Top Tips for Sewing Your own Curtains

1. Measure windows carefully. To work out how much fabric you need, measure the height between the curtain rod and

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A Guide to Harvesting & Storing Vegetables for all Seasons

See our guide below for vital informaiton on harvesting and storing vegetables: 

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6 Tips for Growing Orchards in Larger Gardens

If you have enough room, dedicate an area of the garden to the orchard. A well-drained position in...

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How To Use Herbicides Safely

Herbicides are chemicals used to kill weeds. Some are selective, specially formulated to kill a particular weed, whereas others are...