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Late-Blooming Veggies for Summer Seeding

It’s not too late to take the plunge and plant your own vegetables. The following veggies mature quickly and are perfect candidates for mid-summer planting.

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Salad Greens

Mesclun mixes aren’t just available at grocery stores or farmers markets. There are wonderful seed mixtures available, which generally include a variety of tender leaf lettuces, arugula, kale, spinach, and radicchio.


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These spicy root vegetables are always a great choice for growing because they are quick to mature. Sow a few seeds every week until well into September and you’ll have all the radishes you need for salads.


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Some grow beets only for their delicious greens, while others enjoy the root vegetable as well.


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Spinach likes cool weather to grow well, so you can seed a little spinach every week or two to ensure that you have a small but good supply of tender young greens up until the frost hits.


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Select dwarf or non-climbing varieties that don’t grow too tall so you can harvest tender young peas. There are compact varieties of both shelling and edible-pod peas.


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Broccoli, Cauliflower & Cabbage

Cole crops (members of the cabbage family) are quite cold resistant, meaning that even if you plant from seed in early August, you don’t have to worry about frost damage until late in autumn.


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