How To Take Cuttings

Taking cuttings is a simple, quick way to propagate plants so that you can multiply all sorts of species in your garden, and it’s cheap!

– Take cuttings when new growth has developed to a stage where it’s firm (or ‘hardened off’). Cuttings at this stage are called semi-hardwood and are readily found on plants in late spring and summer.

– Roses, buddleias, clematis, camellias, gardenias, fuchsias, lavender and many other plants can all be struck using semi-hardwood cuttings.

– Take sections of stem about 10 cm long. Remove the leaves and plant the cuttings in a mixture of sand and peat (or look for pre-prepared propagation mix). If they’re kept damp and at the right temperature, the cuttings will have formed roots by autumn and be ready to plant by the following spring.

– Once a cutting has struck (formed roots), transfer it to its own pot to grow to a size that’s ready for transplanting into the garden.

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