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4 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Garden

Teach your children to grow their own food and flowers.

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Start Small

Start Small

The key to a successful first garden is to keep it manageable. Begin by growing plants indoors in plastic containers. Give each child their own, and let them pick a flower or vegetable. When you’re ready to take your skills outside, try a 1½ or three-square-metre plot. (You can always size up once you have a handle on the basics.)

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Establish a Routine

Establish a Routine

A garden won’t care for itself. Beds and containers need regular watering. Potted gardens may need a daily drink, while in-ground crops need about 2½ centimetres of water a week. Set aside time every day after breakfast. The plants will have plenty of moisture before the day heats up.

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Make it Fun

Make it Fun

A theme garden will capture a child’s imagination. Consider a pizza pot with kid-friendly cherry tomatoes, basil and sweet peppers. Or help your kids grow their own toys by planting Tennessee Dancing Gourds-excellent substitutes for spinning tops.

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Starter Plants

Starter Plants

Children aren’t known for their patience. To keep them interested in the garden, stick to flowers and vegetables that are low maintenance and quick to grow.

For flower children…

For budding foodies…
Leaf lettuce
Bush beans