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5 Secrets for Getting Along With Relatives

Get along with your relatives or your in-laws isn’t always an easy task. Here a few basic tips to help keep the peace among you, your partner and your relatives.

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1. Get to Know Your In-Laws

Relationships with in-laws can be difficult when people are not familiar with one another. Make an effort to speak to your in-laws and learn more about the kind of people they are. This will give you some insight on how to behave with them. If you’re separated by distance, write or e-mail them.

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2. Don’t Criticize

Criticizing your partner’s family is not a smart move. Instead of criticizing different customs, ask your partner for explanations to things you don’t understand.

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3. Set Up a Living Trust Fund

Having a living trust ensures that when you die, your financial wishes are immediately carried out without the cost or delay associated with probating a will or intestate (no will) estate. This will save your surviving relatives from potential arguments and disagreements that often occur during financial problems following a death.

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4. Ask About Customs

Check with your partner about family customs and traditions as they may differ from yours. Will his or her mothers expect a hostess gift? A thank-you note? What do they like to eat? What’s their sense of humour like? Can you talk about politics or religion in front of them. These are important details to learn about before encountering them.

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5. Consider Stress-Free Events

To avoid a stressful situation that could perhaps lead to an argument, consider doing something that’s time-limited and easier. If you go to dinner in a restaurant, everyone might be a bit better behaved. Also, if the stress of preparing a meal is not on anyone’s mind, everyone will be more carefree.