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5 Simple Fall Activities for Families

Discover some fun fall activities the whole family will enjoy, even as the weather cools down this season.

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Young couple going for a walk in the park during fallPhoto: Shutterstock

Fall Activities Idea #1: Go for a Walk

Just because the weather is a little cooler in fall, doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate. In fact, there are a bunch of great fall activities. For starters, dress in layers so you and your family can enjoy a walk outdoors even in the evening, after dinner.

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Little boy raking leaves as one of his fall activitiesPhoto: Shutterstock

Fall Activities Idea #2: Rake the Leaves

Raking the leaves can be a pretty boring chore to do when you’re doing it alone. Make the most of your time together by getting the whole family involved. Kids love to play in the leaves and there’s no better way to enjoy physical activity than while spending time with your loved ones.

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Little kids playing lacrosse in the park during fallPhoto: Shutterstock

Fall Activities Idea #3: Play a Sport in the Park

When the sun is beaming down on you in July, it can be difficult to play sports for hours. But in fall, when the weather is slightly cooler, you can play a sport like soccer or lacrosse without being uncomfortably warm. Get the whole family together for a game in the park, and not only will you all be working out but you’ll be spending quality time together, too.

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Little girl collective fall leavesPhoto: Shutterstock

Fall Activities Idea #4: Collect Leaves for Arts and Crafts Projects

Walk around the neighbourhood with the children in search of interesting fallen leaves. Then, paste them into a scrapbook or poster board for hours of fun together both outdoors and indoors.

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Kids playing in leaves during fallPhoto: Shutterstock

Fall Activities Idea #5: Create a Scavenger Hunt

The kids may not be excited to go outdoors when the temperature drops but a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt will motivate them. Hide some of their favourite treats around the backyard or local park and, as a family, you can all search for the items. Whoever finds a treat, gets to keep it. This type of activity guarantees lots of exercise and plenty of laughs together.