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Dangers of the Holiday Season

Tis the season for decorating and gift giving, yet dangers can hide in the form of counterfeit tools, gifts and...

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Is Stress Making You Fat?

Stress doesn't have to make you gain weight. Learn about the triggers and how to control them. Here's how to...

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Make Your Periods Eco-Friendly

Did you know that every woman throws out an average of 10,000 to 15,000 tampons, panty liners and pads in...

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Vision of the Future

It's unsettling to consider the possibility of a disease compromising your vision. But with today's treatments, the threat isn't as...

8 Sleep Tips for Worriers

Relax. Be happy. Get some sleep and leave the worrying for tomorrow. Here are some clever ways to stop anxiety...

5 Things You Need to Know About the Flu

Arm yourself with reliable resources and information to protect yourself and your family during the flu season.

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The Cycling Revolution

Most big cities have plans to expand their bike-lane networks.  Montreal has progressive cycling policies: In June 2008, the city...

6 Ways to Give Back Without Opening Your Wallet

Any charity will gladly accept your financial contribution. But Canadians have much more to donate than money, namely their goods...

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How To Shovel Safely

It's all but inevitable: At some point this winter, you'll find yourself shovelling snow. You'll probably find yourself freezing while...

How to Handle the Holidays

You know you've had enough of the holidays when you're counting the days until you go back to work. Holidays...

Activities to Take the Chill Out of Winter

There is no point complaining about winter, but there are many reasons to get out and enjoy it. Winters in...

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New Spins on Sugar

Truvia, the much-hyped natural, no-calorie sweetener, is joining the array of sugar substitutes on supermarket shelves this fall. Here's the...

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Rebalance Your Brain

Yes, we love the way our computers, PDAs, video games and iPods have revolutionized our lives and let us stay...

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Be an Educated Consumer

The customer may always be right, but not always necessarily knowledgeable. Shop smarter by learning what to look for—and look...

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Gain Breakfast, Lose Weight

It may sound counter-intuitive, but in order to lose weight, you need food. Starting with breakfast.  

When a Loved One Has Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with breast cancer, or any other potentially life-threatening disease, is a hard blow for anyone. When you find...

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Avoid Sleeping Pills

If you're suffering from short-term sleep problems caused by jet lag or by an acutely stressful event, such as a...

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Make Memories Stick

Ditch the post-it notes and try these strategies to keep important facts from slipping your mind. 

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Follow Your Internal Clock for Better Health

Here's how to synchronize your lifestyle to your internal clock and keep your body running smoothly.  

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All-Natural Memory Boosters

Wish you had the memory of an elephant? Try eating gotu kola, one of an elephant's favourite foods. Read on...

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Sweat: It’s Good for What Ails You

Need more incentive before you put on your sneakers and dust off your stationary bike? An active lifestyle can prevent...

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Staying Sane at Family Functions

Ah, the holidays! A time for family get-togethers, where spirits run high and tension can take its toll. Find out...

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5 Ways to Turn Cooking Into a Workout

Make cooking an easy, everyday workout by adjusting your gear, your food supplies, and your storage. Here are some simple...

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After He Cheats

It is estimated that 60% of men have extramarital affairs, leaving more than half of all women in relationships hurt and confused....

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How to Get Pregnant: For Gals and Guys

It takes two to be fertile. Here's what you and your partner can do to boost your chances of conceiving,...

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Brain Drain: Fact or Fiction?

Mental decline is part of aging, right? Wrong! US McArthur Foundation studies on aging have overturned much of the standard...

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Bring Sunshine into the Office

It's not always easy to find the motivation to go into the office when the sun is shining outside. Got...