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Getting Through To Your Teen

Boundaries and structure provide a sense of security and safety for all of us. As a parent, it can be...

The Anti-Wrinkle Diet

A face can tell a thousand stories, but most of us would rather not have our histories written out in...

Cook for Clearer Skin

Stop popping those pimples! Check out our food prescription to clear your complexion. These days acne is blamed on heredity...

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Is it Ever Too Soon to Discuss Death?

Death shouldn't be a taboo topic, according to the experts. And it's never too soon to introduce the topic. Here's...

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Talking to Children About Death

Death is a painful experience – and one of the hardest parts for parents can be talking about it with...

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No Romance Required

Being single can be lonely, especially if you find it hard to meet new people. Meet Market Adventures, established in...

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5 Green Valentine’s Activities for Kids

Counter the commercial cards and chocolates and have a green Valentine's Day with your family. You can spread love with...

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Fitting in Fitness

Do you find any and every excuse not to exercise? Would you rather do anything else—even sort your socks or...

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How to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Stick to your New Year's resolution to get fit by being prepared. Before you jump into an exercise program, brush...

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Monitoring Tools

You can bolster talk with high-tech action, such as monitoring your children’s computer activity at home or restricting their access...

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Risky Business

Kid's Internet Safety Alliance vice-chair Paul Gillespie lists the following risky online behaviours your children need to avoid and that...

Heal Those Chapped Lips

It's one of the few flaws in our otherwise almost-perfect design: Our lips, so exposed to sun, wind, and other...

What Do Video Game Ratings Mean?

Virtually all video games have a rating symbol printed prominently on the box cover. The ratings are based on guidelines...

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Christmas Puppet Show

A Christmas puppet show is a tradition in many households, and it is a great way to get everyone in...

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Puppet Props and Backdrops

Capture some of the holiday magic by staging a puppet show. These props are fun and easy to make. Check...

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Yoga FAQs Answered

Yoga has become established as a popular form of exercise over the past few decades, but some people still equate...

Get Your Kids to Like School

"I don't want to go to school today." "Math is boring." "I hate homework." Tired of hearing these complaints? Here...

Get on the Ball!

You only need one piece of equipment to work out in the comfort of your home. A balance ball is...

Your Daily Toning Program

Looking to get in shape for summer? Using these exercises, you can improve your muscle tone, strength, and overall health.

Shape Up!

Looking to tone-up for swimsuit season? Here's your chance! Try a few of these easy, at-home workouts every day and...

The Sun Salutation Yoga Routine

A series of 12 graceful, flowing postures, the sun salutation is regarded as the core of yoga practice. Use this...

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The Truth About Deadbeat Dads

For decades, they have been pictured as living the high life -- driving their Porsches, vacationing in exotic places --...

Help Your Teen Get a Summer Job

Spring is the time for them to hone their job-hunting skills -- and get a jump on the competition.

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How Polite Are We: Reader’s Digest 2006 Global Courtesy Test

In July of 2006, we ranked the world. Out of 36 cities, Toronto placed third, Montreal 21st.

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Do You Have Brain Drain?

Read each statement below. If it sounds like something you would be likely to say or that generally describes your...

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Is seaside air really as healthy as many claim?

Sea air really is good for the health. The bracing climate by the sea is especially beneficial to the respiratory...

Six Tips for Healthy Hair

Follow these simple tips and tricks for beautiful, healthy, full hair. 

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The Transition from Natural to Processed

Manufacturers of processed foods pile on the salt to help create big, attractive flavours.

Baby Clothes: Dos and Don’ts

Are you in the know about the do's and don'ts of dressing baby?