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Try Your Mind at a Memory Challenge

So, you think you have a freakishly good memory? You can even recite the entire first season of Friends? Try our ultimate memory challenge, and find out if your brain is as fit as you think.

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But first, there are a few things you ought to keep in mind. Your senses capture information which is transformed into mental images. This is how your memories are formed. To train your memory you need to exercise your ability to create mental images.


Here is our helpful hint: try to form a visual image of whatever you are trying to keep in your head, and it will be more likely to stay there. Now go to the next page, and find out if you have what it takes.






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Look carefully at these letters:

the letters of the same colour make up a word. When you have worked out the anagrams, memorise the words, using mental images as aids. Flip to the next page when you’re ready to work your brain.  

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Try These

Now try answering these questions, When you’re ready to face the moment of truth check out the solution on the following page.


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And the answers are:

Got it? Good Job!