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Ready to live your healthiest life? From the best vitamins and supplements to everyday habits that boost your mental health and wellness, these healthy living tips are a great place to start.

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Why Is Canada Shutting Out Doctors?

While millions of Canadians can’t find a doctor, thousands of foreign physicians can’t get a licence to practise

How the Power of Positive Thinking Can Make you Live Longer

The doddering old widow. The lonely, forgetful neighbour. Turns out these negative perceptions of old age can be self-fulfilling prophecies. 

Simple, Effective Oral Health Tips

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Oral health is a state of being free from chronic mouth and facial...

Why is it that women live longer than men?

On average, women live seven years longer than men, although in some parts of the developing world the gap is...

Three Ways to Look and Feel Better Immediately

Got a minute? We've timed these three simple tips so that you can see how fast and easy it is...

25 Tips For Your Grocery List

These tips will help you cut spending on groceries, eat better, and waste less food!

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6 Ways to Make your Time More Productive at Work

Multi-tasking is handy for simple or uncomplicated tasks, but time management is the key concept when it comes to increasing...

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How to Sleep Better: 5 Ways to Improve your Sleep

Don't kid yourself that you can save time by cutting back on sleep. 

Other Useful Products at the Pharmacy

The wonders you can find in an average pharmacy! Whether it's glucose tablets, a blood pressure machine, a healthy snack...

High Blood Pressure Drugs at a Glance

A quick rundown of available drugs used to lower your blood pressure.

How Memories are Formed

Science now suggests that long-term memories aren't stored in a single place but, rather, in vast networks of nerve cell...

Why Do Older People Sometimes Drink Too Little?

The elderly often lose their natural sense of thirst, or else they suppress it to avoid having to go to...

How Does the Weather Affect Our Health?

From very early times, people have suspected that there is a link between the weather and human health - in...