Healthy Living

Ready to live your healthiest life? From the best vitamins and supplements to everyday habits that boost your mental health and wellness, these healthy living tips are a great place to start.

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Caring for the Caregiver

Are you a  caregiver to one or both of your parents, or likely to become one? The best way to...

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Living La Vida Slowly

Are you losing something living at top-notch speed? The cost of not taking the time to smell the roses can...

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Is Gluten-Free for You?

Gluten-free is the new buzzword in food labelling. But will products without this troublesome protein improve our health?   

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6 Ways to Soothe Sensitive Teeth

Have sensitive teeth got you cringing? These six soothing suggestions will get you smiling instead.

5 Steps to Good Oral Health

When it comes to a healthy mouth, start with the basics. These simple steps will help keep you healthy from...

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How Oral Health Affects Heart Health

It's one thing to prevent cavities, but did you know that poor oral health can cause damage to your heart...

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DVT Risk at the Office

Sitting at your desk for hours at a time could double your risk for dangerous blood clots. Learn how to...

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Keeping Your Brain Buffed

Keeping your brain healthy and working at its best should be a priority. Science offers some tips on keeping your...

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6 Ways to Spot a Liar

Think someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Look for these telltale signs and see if you're...

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Face Your Fear

We're all afraid of something, but when it comes to conquering our fears, where do we start? Here are six...

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Update on Osteoporosis

Researchers are making some important discoveries about osteoporosis, including the fact that one in three men over 60 are affected...

Gum Disease 101

Happy and healthy teeth start at the root. Find out what's chewing at your gums and learn how you can...

How to Tell If You Have Bad Breath

Do you suspect your breath could be less than minty fresh? Find out how to diagnose bad breath, and what...

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How Often Should You See Your Dentist?

Your dentist says your pearly whites should be inspected twice a year; your colleague in the next cubicle goes three...

5 Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Even with regular check-ups, things can go wrong when it comes to your teeth and gums. Know when to contact...

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9 Ways to Cellphone Safety

While the debate rages about the safety of cellphones, experts are encouraging us to take precautions when using these convenient...

10 Ways to Quit Smoking

You've made the decision to quit smoking. Now comes the hard part: finding the method that suits your personality and...

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Are Patches Better Than Pills?

More and more medicines come in a patch. Find out how the patch compares to the pill and learn which...

The Secrecy of Male Depression

When he seems ticked off or withdrawn, it may not be what you think. Depression is often masked as anger...

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Gender Medicine

It's a simple truth: Men and women are different. Yet medical research is only just waking up to the fact. 

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Are Cellphones Safe or Not?

Cellphones certainly make life easier, but there is no conclusive evidence as to whether they are dangerous or not. We...

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10 Questions to Ask About Your Hospital Stay

Spending time in the hospital can be stressful. Put your mind at ease by preparing yourself for your hospital stay.

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Tinnitus: Terror in Your Ear

Ringing in the ears can drive you to distraction but now technology and therapy can make life bearable again.  

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5 Ways to Cope With Anxiety

It's hardly surprising that anxiety is the most common mental health problem in Canada. Stress is unavoidable. Fortunately, there are...

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Winter Safety: Truth and Myth

Winter offers plenty of opportunities for fun, but it can also be a dangerous time of year. You can reduce...

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10 Ways to Turn That Frown Upside Down

Happy people thrive. They’re more creative and productive, earn more money, have more friends, stay healthier and even outlive their...

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Beat the Winter Blues

Are you feeling down in the dumps by the end of January-after months of cold, grey skies and snow, snow...