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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Change the World

Changing the entire world is a seemingly impossible task, but we believe change starts small, one person at a time. Here’s how you (yes, you) can change the world.

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1. Change the World by Doing the Dirty Work for Someone Else

Everyone has tasks that they absolutely dread doing, but, as life has it, those tasks need to get done either way. Think of a task that your loved one hates, and do it for them! As you can imagine, there’s nothing like having your bathroom unexpectedly cleaned for you (or your laundry folded, your house vacuumed, or your grocery shopping completed). Making the world a better place can be that easy. Anyone can do it!

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2. Change the World by Striking Up a Conversation with Someone

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, having a good conversation that connects you to someone feels great. So try to have a conversation with someone you normally wouldn’t. It can be a volunteer, an elderly person, or someone who needs some support during a tough time. If it makes you nervous, just talk to a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while. Whoever you choose, making meaningful conversation can forge new connections or strengthen old ones. Like with all acts of kindness, this one benefits you just as much as the other person.

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3. Change the World by Helping a Stranger

Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something, do something. Too many times we notice someone has dropped something and we simply keep walking. This time, help them out! Whether you hold the door for someone or treat a stranger to a cup of coffee, you will make an impact—or at least make that person’s day a little brighter.

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4. Change the World by Sharing Your Talents!

Whether your talent is singing, giving good advice, hula hooping, cooking, or eating hot dogs really fast… your talent is meant to be shared! You may not think your talent is that interesting, but repeat after us: Your talent makes the world a better place.

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5. Change the World by Losing Yourself in What You Love

It’s time to stop caring about what others think and embrace what you love! Throw your doubts, perceived limitations, and insecurities to the wind, and jump feet-first into your passions.

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