6 Simple Tricks To Boost Your Intelligence

So you’ll never be an Einstein, Ali or Mozart. Try these practical tips to improve your brain power-in all its forms. 

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Brain location: Left hemisphere (reverse in left-handers)

1. Linguistic Skills

What they do: Elevate language to an art form

Who uses them: Poets, writers, public speakers

How to improve: Read, do word games and vocabulary tests.


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Brain location: Frontal and parietal lobes

2. Logical-mathematical Skills

What they do: Gathering and consolidating information quickly

Who uses them: Scientists, engineers, statisticians

How to improve: Compute sums in your head instead of using a calculator. 


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Brain location: Right hemisphere (reverse in left-handers)

3. Spatial Skills

What they do: Mentally picturing and manipulating objects and forms

Who uses them: Airline pilots, architects, map-makers

How to improve: Play chess, do jigsaw puzzles and origami. 


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Brain location: Frontal lobes

4. Interpersonal Skills

What they do: Accurately reading the character, emotions and desires of others

Who uses them: Salespeople, teachers, managers

How to improve: Study reactions to your words, body language and voice. 


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Brain location: Right hemisphere (reverse in left-handers)

5. Musical Skills

What they do: Appreciating tempo, pitch, melody and rhythm

Who uses them: Composers and musicians

How to improve: Listen to types of music unfamiliar to you. 


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Brain location: Motor cortex

6. Physical Skills

What they do: Coordinating movement into acts of grace, endurance and skill

Who uses them: Athletes, gymnasts, dancers

How to improve: Exercise, join a sports team, play charades. 


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