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4 Ways To Make Sure You Get The Right Prescription

Getting the wrong prescription can be a potentially harmful situation. Find out what you can do to make sure your doctor and your pharmacist give you the right meds.

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Anyone can take steps to get the most effective and safest medication.

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Be Honest About Your Medical History

When you visit the doctor, it’s very important to be honest about your medical past. Your doctor can’t properly diagnose you or prescribe the right medication if he or she is unaware of any past health issues you may have had. Whatever you tell your doctor will remain confidential so don’t be afraid to share your medical history. It could make all the difference when it comes time to prescribe medication.

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Keep a Medical Log or Journal

It can be easy to forget which medications you are already taking or have taken in the last six to 12 months. Keep track of your current and recent prescription history by writing it down. Include any natural and holistic medicines in your journal, as well, because these can interact with behind-the-counter drugs. It’s very important for the pharmacist to know this information before filling your prescription. Also, keep track of any infections, diseases or hormonal changes in your journal and bring it with you when you visit the doctor.

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Stick to One Pharmacy

To avoid any mistakes, like accidentally refilling the same prescription twice, make sure you fill all your prescriptions at the same pharmacy. This way, all the behind-the-counter medications you are currently taking will be available to the pharmacist. So if your doctor unknowingly prescribed you a medication that cannot be mixed with your current prescriptions, then the pharmacist will call your doctor to have the prescription changed to a more suitable one.

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Transfer Your Medical Files

If you decide to change doctor or pharmacy, ask to have your medical files transferred to your new doctor and pharmacy. This way, everyone will be up-to-speed on your current state and if you forget to jot down some important information in your medical journal, someone else will be able to catch the mistake before you get prescribed the wrong medication.