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How to Beat Diabetes Burnout

Many people newly diagnosed with diabetes start out motivated to make all the necessary changes to take care of themselves.

Calorie Counting with Diabetes

For people with diabetes who are overweight but do not take insulin, calorie counting is another option.

Depression and Diabetes

The dangers of having both depression and diabetes, and what the consequences are if both go untreated.

Birth Complications with Diabetes

The problems that can occur in labour may be a complication of childbirth or the result of a disorder in...

Battling Diabetes Burnout

Though dealing with diabetes 24-7 can seem overwhelming at first, many people willingly adjust to a new lifestyle of dedicated...

Planning for Sick Days

Illness is a form of stress that-like emotional stress-rouses the body's defenses.

The Link Between Disease and Depression

When it comes to avoiding the frailty and disability of ageing, nothing beats preventing or treating depression.

Extreme Measures to Treat Diabetes

For Alan Vaughn, surgery proved the solution to his serious weight problem.

5 Ways to Grill Healthier With Diabetes

Sure, firing up the barbecue or gas grill provides you with a sociable, relaxing time in the backyard, which is...

How to Monitor Blood Sugar Effectively

The whole point of taking medications, eating healthy foods in moderate portions and exercising is to keep your blood sugar...

Insulin: Who Needs It?

Insulin can be a lifesaver if you have diabetes, and it's considered one of modern medicine's true breakthroughs. When it...

Testing for Diabetes

There are two forms of the disease: Type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes, which usually starts in younger people, who will...

5 Breast Cancer Research Updates

It's been an exciting year in breast cancer research with a number number of recent advances that will help prevent,...