Experiencing Migraine Symptoms? New Treatment Can Help Bring You Out of the Dark


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For the millions of Canadians who suffer from migraine symptoms, hiding out in a dark, quiet room is often all they can do when an attack hits. It helps, because light is very likely what triggered the migraine in the first place. But waiting out a migraine all alone in a dark room is certainly not an ideal solution.

If this sounds like your experience, you might be interested in new migraine and light sensitivity glasses that have been developed and approved for migraine sufferers in Canada. Forget what you think you know about blue-light glasses: this is newly developed technology that protects against not just blue light but also red and amber.

How is light connected to migraine causes?

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 Research reveals that light sensitivity affects more than 80 per cent of people with migraine. In addition, studies show that light causes migraine attacks in 30-60 per cent of cases.

Looking to better understand this, in 2010, researchers identified certain “painful light” that triggers migraine attacks and increases headache pain. While there has since been plenty of discussion surrounding blue light and screen time, a 2016 Harvard study confirmed that blue light isn’t the only culprit. Red and amber light can be just as painful as blue light.

Acting on that research and recognizing that no other optical filter on the market precisely and effectively targets blue, amber, and red light today, a team of optical engineers and doctors in conjunction Dr. Charles Posternack, a Canadian physician, developed the Avulux® migraine and light sensitivity glasses.

Are migraine glasses an effective migraine treatment?

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These glasses use a patented precision-tint technology developed by Dr. Posternack’s team that filters as much as 97 per cent of the most painful light in the blue, amber, and red light spectrum without distorting your colour perception. Even though it might sound like these are a dark pair of glasses, they can actually be worn comfortably indoors, outdoors, while on your computer, or in harsh light situations like at the supermarket.

“Wearing Avulux glasses is like lathering aloe on a bright, red, angry sunburn,” says Erica, a chronic migraine sufferer. “Many times I do not need to take acute migraine medication while wearing Avulux.”

How could glasses possibly replace medicine? “Light is a key migraine trigger, yet many people with migraine aren’t controlling their environmental triggers,” says Dr. Posternack. “Exposure to harsh light, through screen time or excessive sunlight, for someone with migraine who’s overly sensitive and is reaching their migraine trigger tipping point, is essentially adding rocket fuel to a fire that will soon ignite. Avulux acts to absorbs that fuel, the painful light, and can prevent the fire, the migraine attack, from starting or getting worse.”

Multiple studies show reduction in migraine symptoms

AvuluxPhoto: David Efraim

Avulux is classified by Health Canada as a Class I Medical Device and three separate independent studies were performed to test the efficacy of the glasses. The results show that more than 90 per cent of wearers were able to continue with their activities of daily living when using Avulux to combat migraine symptoms, including head pain and light sensitivity. The findings show that these glasses are effective, have no negative side effects, wearers don’t build a tolerance, and they can be safely worn as a complement to any other migraine treatment, if needed.

Avulux is available in Canada today. You can try them for yourself or learn more at https://www.avulux.ca.

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