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How To Use Herbal Immune-Boosters Safely

Derived from plants or plant products, herbal medecines are loaded with properties that have the power to heal. But herbal remedies can also be toxic if you don’t use them properly. Find out how to use them safely.

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Learn to take herbal immune-boosters safely.

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Get a Diagnosis

Never use herbs to treat symptoms without being certain what is causing those symptoms. Check with your doctor before using herbs if you have a chronic health condition or are pregnant or nursing. Consult a pediatrician or other expert before giving herbal products to children, especially those under five.

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Stay Skeptical

If you consult an herbalist, ask about his or her training and experience in treating people with your condition. Avoid anyone who wants you to discontinue standard medical care or who refuses to communicate with your doctor.

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Do What The Label Says

Herbs may vary in potency from manufacturer to manufacturer, so follow the dosage instructions on the label, even if they are different from advice you might read elsewhere.

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Don’t Double Up

Never take herbs and drugs that have the same effect, such as the antidepressant herb St. John’s wort and the drug Prozac.

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Ask Your Pharmacist

Some herbs interact with drugs, especially blood thinners, sedatives, and antidepressants. Many pharmacists have computer programs that alert them to any dangerous interactions among medications you are taking.

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Listen To Your Body

Even if you have no known allergies, you might develop an allergic reaction to an herb. If you notice unusual symptoms, stop taking the herb and consult a doctor or an allergist. If you have trouble breathing after taking an herb, dial 911.