Cold and Flu Season is Here. Are You Ready?

Five ways to bounce back from cold and flu symptoms.

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Like clockwork

In Canada, winter means colder weather, shorter days, often, ample snow, and also, coming down with a cold and flu. From fall through spring—and peaking in the dead of winter—cold and flu season spreads through communities taking us out of work, school, social engagements and leaving us languishing in bed with a box of tissues, and a pharmacy of tools promising symptom relief. Here’s our recommendation for what you can use when you get hit with cold and flu.

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Practice healthy habits

A good way to stop the spread of cold and flu is to practice the same preventative measures used for Covid: wash your hands regularly with antibacterial soap, disinfect surfaces at home, sanitize your hands in public places, cough into your elbow—better yet, stay home when sick and, of course, get your flu vaccine!

Check your medicine cabinet

Life doesn’t stop when we get sick, so our medicine cabinet is always stocked to help us get back to some semblance of normal. Our medicine cabinet may include lozenges, vitamins and the #1 Physician and Pharmacist Recommended Brand for coughs, colds and flus in adults: TYLENOL®*. TYLENOL® Cold Day & Night tackles the typical symptoms like congestion, dry cough, fever and achiness.1 The daytime TYLENOL® Cold tablets help clear stuffiness, and when coughing and sneezing are keeping you from sleeping, it’s the nighttime formula that helps, so you can wake up rested and strong on your road to recovery.

To be sure that the product is right for you, you should always read and follow the label.

*2021 IQVIA Study

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Level up on liquids

Stay hydrated.2 Think water and hot ginger tea with lemon, which can help relieve stuffiness and increase mucus flow.2 And don’t forget vapour: A cool-mist humidifier adds moisture to the air, and also combats congestion—just be sure to change the water daily.2

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Load up on comfort foods

Let’s be honest, when you’re sick, only certain foods may satisfy your palate. And even if you can’t have a bowl of your grandma’s soup, you can find homestyle versions loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein on grocery store shelves. Hot tea helps relieve congestion. Fresh ginger is known to fight nausea (grate it into your tea!), and honey can help calm a dry cough.3 When you’re down and out with a cold or flu, remember this: choose foods that are hydrating, nutrient-rich and provide a bit of comfort.

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