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5 Ways to Slow Progression of Parkinson’s Disease

While there is still no cure for Parkinson’s, there are medications that can help. And you can also take extra measures to slow oxidation. No matter where you are in your Parkinson’s diagnosis, here are five ways to slow further progression.

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1. Start Taking Coenzyme Q10 Regularly

Begin taking 100 milligrams coenzyme Q10 three times a day, gradually increasing to 1,200 milligrams a day.

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2. Get a Daily Dose of Vitamin E and Vitamin C

Also take 400 IU vitamin E and 1 to 2 grams vitamin C daily (in two to four divided doses of 500 milligrams).

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3. Ensure a Proper and Healthy Diet

Follow a low-fat, low-calorie diet high in fruits, vegetables, and beans.


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4. Drink Green Tea

Drink several cups of green tea a day.


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5. Exercise

Get at least 20 minutes a day of physical activity three days a week. A good option is walking back and forth in the shallow end of the pool. If you find you can’t exercise on your own, get your doctor to write you a prescription for physical therapy. Add a session of tai chi once a week.









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