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14 Things Your Hairdresser Won’t Tell You

Unhappy with your last haircut? Think you’re paying too much for hair colouring? Save money and improve your experience at the hairdresser with these expert tips.

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1. I Know What I’m Doing

I have formal training and know what will work well for your hair texture, face shape and colouring, so try to ask more and tell less.   

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2. Have Some Respect

Don’t ask me to “squeeze you in” when I’m already booked. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your own appointment to be pushed back so I can fit in someone else.

All my clients are equally important to me.

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3. Stop Shouting

I can’t hear what you’re saying over the noise of the hairdryer, so be quiet and stop barking orders at me while I’m blow-drying.

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4. A Little Gratitude Means a Lot to Me

Tell me when you’re satisfied with the result, and say thank you on the way out.

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5. Sit Straight

Don’t cross your legs or tilt your head when I’m cutting your hair – unless, of course, you enjoy sporting an uneven hair length.

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6. You’ll Know When It’s Right

Having beautiful hair doesn’t mean it needs to be long. A good haircut is low maintenance and does wonders for your face.

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7. Try to Come Alone

Don’t bring your kids (or your pets) with you. Restless youngsters are an unwanted distraction. If they’re perched on your lap or tugging at your arm, I won’t do a good job.

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8. Sick? Stay Home

If you have a cold or flu, please postpone your cut. My staff and fellow clients don’t want to catch it.

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9. Repeat Business Can Lead to Discounts

If you’re a new customer, I’ll charge you a tad more, but will reward loyalty if you’re a regular – and occasionally reduce the price when you have a trim, treatment or blow-wave.

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10. Arrive on Time

Arrive on time. Just like you don’t like to wait, neither do I. Time is money around here. And if you can’t avoid running late, then please call ahead.

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11. I Have a Lot of Customers

Don’ feel offended if I don’t recall your relationship dilemmas from two months ago. And just because you’re telling me details about your personal life, it does not mean I will reciprocate.

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12. Be Clear About Your Expectations

I’m not a mind reader and my idea of a “trim” may not be the same as your own.

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13. Don’t Be Tempted to DIY at Home

Salon-only products will give you a better and longer-lasting result and won’t damage your hair as much.

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14. My Memory’s Not That Good

Some clients say “cut my hair like you did last time”. I have hundreds of clients. How am I supposed to remember?

If you want the same cut, take a photo and show me.

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