Healthy Food

Eating smart doesn’t have to be a chore. Discover the latest health diets, helpful tips and advice from trusted nutritionists for making good (and tasty) choices when it comes to your food.

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10 Tummy-Friendly Recipes

Do you get an upset stomach after some meals? Here are 10 delicious dishes from known tummy-friendly recipes to...

What to Eat for a Happy Belly

More than half of Canadians suffer from digestive disorders. Here's what to indulge in and what to avoid.

7 Places Where Gluten Is Hiding

Gluten can be sneaky. Here are the surprising places it may be lurking.

5 Foods That Soothe Your Stomach

We all get belly aches from time to time, but if your stomach is causing you real pain, the new...

10 Ways To Sneak Veggies Into Your Diet

If you have picky eaters in the family, or you're just running out of ideas of how to get vegetables...

Harley Pasternak’s Recipes for a Celebrity Body

Celebrity fitness guru and author of The Body Reset Diet, Harley Pasternak has a 15-day plan to help you boost...

10 Diet Tips To Help You Sleep

The foods that appear the most effective in assisting sleep help boost chemicals that cause the body to relax. Combined...

11 Dinner Recipes Under 300 Calories

Looking for some low-calorie, tasty dinners? Here are 11 recipes, all under 300 calories, that you can make for dinner...

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10 Skinny Secrets of Top Chefs

How do top chefs cook and eat such delicious foods while still staying thin? Discover the secrets you'll...

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4 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Brainpower

Does your mind feel foggy? Are you having trouble staying focused? Don't worry, the physicians of the hit TV...

8 Ways to Control Your Hunger

The sight of food can make your mouth water even if you're already full, but eating too much...

6 Surprising New Weight Loss Foods

Hungry for a meal-time makeover? There's a new menu of healthy, tasty, weight-loss friendly foods getting plenty of...

What’s Your Cupcake Personality?

Chocolate, red velvet, vanilla - what's your cupcake of choice? Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis of the TLC...

4 Low-Sugar Jam Alternatives

Love making your own jams, but worried about all the sugar? No need to completely give up the...

The Ultimate Golf Meal Plan

Your golf scores may be sub par, but your eating habits shoudn't be. Perk up your game with handy diet...

23 Ways to Keep Fast Food in Your Diet

Don't eliminate fast food, just make smart choices!

3 Vegetarian Myths Put to the Test

Take your vegetarian knowledge to task, and discover the truth behind three common vegetarian myths.

What To Eat To Get a Great Sleep

Your diet feeds your sleep cycle-all day long. Naturopathic doctor Kate Rhéaume-Bleue breaks down the relationship between what you eat...

5 Great Alternatives to Milk

Take a break from cow's milk and explore these five healthy alternatives.

How You Can Have Gluten Again

Find out if a developing vaccine for celiac disease could be an option for you.

5 Heart-Healthy Recipes

Keep your heart in the best shape ever with these healthy and delicious meal ideas.

The 12 Best Foods for Your Heart (and How to Save on Them)

Find out which foods you need for a healthy heart and get 'em at a good price, too!

6 Good Habits You Need to Save at the Supermarket

Find out how to save money and time by shopping smarter.

5 Feared Foods That Aren’t That Bad

Have you always thought of these foods as bad for your health? As it turns out, they may not be...

7 Foods for Fighting Pain

Find out how some of the healthy foods can get rid of or prevent recurring pain - fast!

4 Healthy and Delicious Vegetable Dishes

If you're looking for a filling yet healthy alternative for dinner, try one of these delicious and hearty veggie recipes.

5 Low-Fat Ways to Cook Potatoes

You can indulge in your passion for French fries without risking your health and putting on weight. You needn't deep-fry...

5 Food Shopping Tips

Make sure you not only have well-stocked food cupboards for healthy eating, but also are buying the right products at...

5 Foods to Reduce the Risk of Lung Cancer

First things first: If you smoke, stop. Tobacco use is responsible for 87 per cent of lung cancer deaths. Of...