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Fat Facts and Fallacies

Fat is a dietary evil—or so you probably think. The food industry has exploited this belief in order to sell...

Nuts: A Healthy Snack Choice

Craving a crunchy snack? Try munching on some nuts for a healthy treat. Whether you pick sweet, yogourt coated peanuts,...

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Bone Up on Salmon

If you're a steak lover who can't imagine a complete meal without meat try this heart-healthy alternative. Salmon is low...

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Don’t Spoil Your Oil

From brownies to stir-fries, cooking oil is a ubiquitous presence in any dish. Keep this key ingredient flavourful by taking...

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The Power of Breakfast

Looks like your mom was right when she labeled breakfast the most important meal of the day. Find out how...

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When Food is Love

When the holidays arrive, there’s often no way to avoid being stuck in the house with lots of relatives, friends...

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Quick ‘n Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies

Eating vegetables is perfect for losing weight, cleaning your arteries, and balancing your blood sugar, but the average Canadian doesn’t...

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Feed Your Sweet Tooth on Fruit

You know the drill: for optimal health you're supposed to get four or five servings of fruit a day. Stop...

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Guide to Grocery Shopping

Find yourself spending a lot and coming home with less food than you expected? Learn to buy the right things...

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“Raw” Sugar: A Raw Deal?

Get the dirt on raw sugar. Think processing has ruined the food industry? You may be right, but sometimes processed...

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Food-Borne Foes

Is eating that rare steak worth the risk? Meet six of the leading culprits behind contaminated food, where they trhive,...

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Sneaking in Fibre

Fill up on fibre by making minor modifications to your diet. You can get this must-have into your meals with...

Food Myths Revealed

Think red wine's good for you, and coffee causes cancer? Get the truth about common food falsehoods.

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Food Labels Deciphered

Uncover the truth about your fave foods with these clever detective strategies. Learn how to interpret food labels so you...

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Egg Secrets

Get familiar with this scrumptious staple. This is what you've gotta know about buying, cooking, and storing eggs.

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Perfect Portion Size Guide

Most of us underestimate portions and, therefore, calories by at least 25 per cent—meaning that you could eat hundreds of...

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Soups for the Body with Spice for the Soul

Just about every grandmother has her own special soup recipe for times of sickness. Soups have a lot to recommend...

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Put a Stop to Super-Sized Meals

After sitting down to dinner, it can be hard to stand up. Stop yourself from feeling like a stuffed turkey...

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Soy for Beginners

With less saturated fat than meat and healthy doses of fibre, vitamins and minerals, soy is no longer a food...

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The Feel-Good Power of Chocolate

"Antioxidant" is the buzzword on every chocolate lover's lips, but beware indulging in too much of a good thing.  

Pomegranates: 21st Century Superfood

Loaded with vitamins C and B, potassium, folic acid and iron, the pomegranate is a health giant. Plus, it has...

Fast Food: Eating on the Run

Fast-food and take-out restaurants are everywhere. You will even find them in hospitals and schools. According to food industry statistics,...

Pick the Best Fruits and Berries

Nobody likes biting into an unripe melon, or pulling a case of berries out of the fridge to find them...

Lighten Your Fast Food

Our hectic lives are often so busy that we feel we can't get by without eating on the run. However,...

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Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal

North American eating habits have changed over the last few decades.

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Ask The Nutritionist

Common Questions about Vitamins and Supplements

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Organic Foods: The debate

Should we spend the extra money for organic foods? Experts from each side of the debate present their arguments