This Kitchen Hack Will Make You the Perfect Chicken Without Ever Turning Your Oven On

Why heat up your entire kitchen by using your oven when you can have perfectly moist and juicy chicken from your slow cooker instead?

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How to braise a whole chicken in your slow cooker

Slow cookers can remove paint, make candles, and make Playdough. And make food, as it turns out! But the slow-cooking titan of many a kitchen counter can tackle much more than just jambalaya, ribs, and pot roast. As it turns out, the slow cooker is the perfect place to braise your bird.

As it goes with slow-cooker recipes, patience is a virtue. You can grab a roaster and toss it in the oven, and an hour or so later you’re good to go. A chicken in the crock-pot will be cooked in four to eight times the duration. But the results are hard to deny. (Find some other amazing chicken recipes!)

The instructions are pretty simple. Season the bird as you wish, and don’t sweat the risk of charred seasoning. Make sure the crockpot is the proper size; usually five-quarts does the trick. Now, place in the bottom of the crock pot five or six crushed up balls of aluminum (or a plethora of root vegetables), replace the lid and set the cooker on low for seven or eight hours, or on high for around four hours.

When it comes to testing the temperature, feel free to slice right into the chicken breast. This may be blasphemy in the oven, but in the slow cooker, you don’t run the risk of having your poultry dry out.

The end product is a perfectly moist chicken, ready to go for several meals. There’s no wasting time, and no hassle heating up the whole kitchen with the oven.

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