20+ The Great British Bake Off Copycat Recipes

Have the urge to binge on episodes of The Great British Bake Off? Now you can bake along with these copycat recipes inspired by the series most delicious moments.

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Ganache-Topped Chocolate Cake

Inspired by The Great British Bake Off Show Credits: Before we dive into dozens of Mary Berry-approved copycats, let’s start with a cake inspired by the show’s iconic opening credits. Topped with fresh raspberries and a rich ganache, this cake might just be tastier than its British cousin.

Get the recipe for Ganache-Topped Chocolate Cake.

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Rosemary & Thyme Lemon Pudding Cakes

Inspired by Martha’s Lemon and Thyme Mini Cakes: Fan-favourite Martha whipped up dozens of miniature lemon and thyme cakes for the first Showstopper Challenge. Simple and elegant, we were hooked!

Get the recipe for Rosemary & Thyme Lemon Pudding Cakes.

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Rich and Creamy Tiramisu

Inspired by the Tiramisu Technical Challenge: Everyone loves a good Technical Challenge. But don’t worry if you’re not a tiramisu expert, we’ve got a how-to to walk you through the process step by step—no Paul Hollywood spying over your shoulder!

Get the recipe for Rich and Creamy Tiramisu.

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Rustic Caramel Apple Tart

Inspired by Nancy’s Apple Galette: During this episode, bakers were challenged to build a three-tiered pie. We aren’t going to suggest you try that at home, but we do recommend a tasty apple galette, much like the one Nancy topped off her tower with!

Get the recipe for Rustic Caramel Apple Tart.

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Beef Wellington Appetizers

Inspired by Martha’s Mini Beef Wellingtons: Pastries can be pretty finicky, but when you get them right, they are so worth it. These mini beef wellingtons, just like the one’s Martha made, are sure to impress at your next party.

Get the recipe for Beef Wellington Appetizers.

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Apricot-Almond Tea Rings

Inspired by Richard’s Fruit Swedish Tea Ring: This recipe is packed with fruity spread and twisted just like Richard’s stellar bake. Best of all—it’s all topped off with beautiful icing, making it worthy of the highest praise.

Get the recipe for Apricot-Almond Tea Rings.

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Double Nut Baklava

Inspired by Richard’s Double Nut Baklava: Who can resist flaky, sticky, nutty baklava? This recipe is packed with macadamia nuts and pecans for extra crunch and depth of flavour. We think a beautiful bake like this is likely to earn you a rare Paul Hollywood handshake.

Get the recipe for Double Nut Baklava.

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Decadent Chocolate Crepe Cake

Inspired by the Schichttorte Technical Challenge: We all know that our favourite judges like to find the most obscure and difficult recipes for the weekly technical challenges. Schichttorte is essentially a layered crepe cake. This one looks impressive (and is super tasty to boot!).

Get the recipe for Decadent Chocolate Crepe Cake.

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Tart & Tangy Lemon Tart

Inspired by the Citrus Tart Technical Challenge: The tart au citron (or simply a lemon tart) was a component of the final’s three-part technical. This dessert is tart and sweet.

Get the recipe for Tart & Tangy Lemon Tart.

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Triple Citrus Scones

Inspired by the Scone Technical Challenge: Another part of the final very British Technical Challenge was to whip up a batch of simple scones. Normally served with tea, scones are an English classic.

Get the recipe for Triple Citrus Scones.

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Layered Strawberry Cream Cake

Inspired by Glenn’s Strawberries and Cream Cake: Known for his giant desserts, Glenn started off the second season with a beautiful (and massive) strawberries and cream cake. We like this version with a few blueberries and raspberries mixed in!

Get the recipe for Layered Strawberry Cream Cake.

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Lemon Curd-Filled Angel Food Cake

Inspired by the Angel Food Cake Technical Challenge: Presented with this challenge, the bakers were pretty confused, but in the end they made lovely cakes filled with lemon curd.

Get the recipe for Lemon Curd-Filled Angel Food Cake.

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Wonderful English Muffins

Inspired by the English Muffin Technical Challenge: A certain satisfaction comes from knowing how to make foods that you’d typically buy pre-made. The bakers mastered English muffins on their second week (and we think you can manage too, with this recipe).

Get the recipe for Wonderful English Muffins.

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Meringue Snowballs In Custard

Inspired by Floating Islands Technical Challenge: We love The Great British Bake Off because it shows us new-to-us recipes, like this one for delicate meringue on a bed of creamy custard.

Get the recipe for Meringue Snowballs In Custard.

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Lacy Brandy Snaps

Inspired by Christine’s Brandy Snap Ninety-Niners: In the Showstopper Challenge, bakers were asked to make dozens of beautiful petit fours—or bite-sized desserts. Christine whipped up delicate brandy snaps filled with cream. If you’re craving more mini treats, try these on for size.

Get the recipe for Lacy Brandy Snaps.

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Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Inspired by Frances’s Hot Cross Buns: Sweet dough is notoriously difficult to work with. But Frances knocked it out of the park with her showstopper hot cross buns. Now you can too!

Get the recipe for Traditional Hot Cross Buns.

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Bohemian Kolaches

Inspired by Frances’s Kolaches: In addition to those tasty hot cross buns, Frances whipped up a batch of tasty Bohemian style kolaches. She filled hers with custard and rhubarb, but feel free to substitute your favourite fruit filling for this tasty pastry.

Get the recipe for Bohemian Kolaches.

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Inspired by Frances’s Palmiers: Made of flaky puff pastry filled with cinnamon and sugar, palmiers are certainly a show-stopping treat. While Frances made her puff from scratch, it never hurts to use frozen pastry to speed up the process.

Get the recipe for Palmiers.

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Carrot Cake

Inspired by Ruby’s Carrot Cake: Ruby stunned the judges with her adorable garden-inspired cake. The real star of that bake, though, was the delicious and moist carrot cake much like this one!

Get the recipe for Carrot Cake.

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Soft Giant Pretzels

Inspired by the Pretzel Technical Challenge: The bakers were challenged to make salty homemade pretzels. Getting that perfect twist can be tricky, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you won’t want to stop!

Get the recipe for Soft Giant Pretzels.

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Maple Walnut Cake

Inspired by the Frosted Walnut Cake Technical Challenge: The Great British Bake Off starts every season off with Cake Week. In this season, bakers were challenged to make the perfect walnut cake. Lucky for you, we found a winning recipe right here!

Get the recipe for Maple Walnut Cake.

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