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9 Thanksgiving Recipes with a Secret Ingredient

Give one of the classics on your menu a little, delicious tweak, and your guests will be raving all night long.

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Pumpkin pie for ThanksgivingPhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Pumpkin Pie: Fat-Free Evaporated Milk

Lighten up everyone’s favourite Thanksgiving dessert, pumpkin pie, by using fat-free evaporated milk. The traditional dessert won’t lose flavour either!

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Thanksgiving turkeyPhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Turkey: Honey

A honey glaze, flavoured with rosemary and sage, creates a crispy, savoury turkey skin while keeping the inside meat succulent and moist.

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Apple piePhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Apple Pie: Oatmeal

This from-scratch apple pie uses oatmeal to make a simple, no-rolling pin-required crust.

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Sweet potato mashPhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Sweet Potatoes: Pears

Instead of topping your sweet potatoes with familiar marshmallows, blend a mix of brown sugar, cinnamon, and cooked or canned pears straight in for a light, sweet taste.

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Cranberry tartPhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Tarts: Cranberries

Bring sweet, tart cranberries to the table in an unexpected way with this seasonal dessert. It bakes up beautifully in a springform pan and is glazed with a cranberry-orange topping.

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Mashed potatoesPhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Mashed Potatoes: Apples

It sounds bizarre, but it’s absolutely delicious. Mash potatoes with tart, cooked apples and top with crisp bacon for a sweet-savoury take on the classic.

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ApplesPhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Soup: Apples

When it comes to autumn soups, you can’t go wrong with the in-season butternut squash. Start your meal with a bowl of creamy, seasonal squash soup that gets a dash of zing from unexpected apples.

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Brussels sproutsPhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Brussels Sprouts: Water Chestnuts

Fancy up Brussels sprouts by adding fresh parsley for brightness-and unexpected diced water chestnuts for crunch. Bonus: This stove top recipe means you can save space in the oven.

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Thanksgiving recipes for beetsPhoto: Shutterstock

Secret Ingredient for Beets: Orange Juice

This bright, citrusy recipe pairs ruby-red beets with orange slices, juice, and zest. And while you can certainly use fresh beets, canned beets make this dish extra easy.

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