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7 Fresh Spring Recipes

Celebrate spring’s arrival with these delicious recipes featuring the new season’s tender first crops.

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Greek Spinach, Egg & Lemon Soup

This is a classic Greek springtime soup, enriched with egg for a velvety texture. Baby spinach adds lots of healthy nutrients, and lemon juice and zest add a kick for the taste buds.

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Asparagus-Leek Soup

Asparagus plants are prolific for several weeks in the spring, and that’s it for the year, making asparagus the ultimate spring vegetable. In this recipe, lemon zest and tarragon add lovely flavour to a rich yet healthy soup.

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Ham and Fava Bean Soup

A favourite around the Mediterranean, fava beans are best eaten when young and tender. High in protein, fiber, and B-vitamins, fava beans make this a hearty and healthy soup.

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Pasta Primavera

Primavera is Italian for spring. Other spring vegetables such as arugula, leeks, and sugar snap peas can be added or substituted in this classic and delightful pasta dish.

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Bulgur with Spring Vegetables

The nutlike taste of bulgur complements the crisp, fresh flavour of spring vegetables. This makes a great side dish to dinner but you can also try having a bowl for lunch or breakfast.

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Salmon Salad with Fresh Peas and Dill

Nothing brings to mind the taste of spring like sweet peas fresh from the pod. This lightly dressed salad even looks like spring bursting with luscious pink, green, and yellow. The addition of dill is a traditional accompaniment to salmon.

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Vanilla Rhubarb with Strawberries

The tart flavour of fresh spring rhubarb is a perfect foil for sweet, succulent strawberries. Vanilla makes this recipe especially fragrant and delicious.

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