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5 Mushroom Recipes

Find out how you can use this hearty vegetable in tons of different ways in the kitchen. From pasta to pizza, mushrooms can be the perfect addition to your meals. Read on for five great mushroom recipes.

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Easy Mushroom Ravioli With Four Cheese Sauce

A quick filling that bursts with flavour is enclosed in prepared won ton skins instead off pasta making this a lighter version of ravioli. For further convenience make and freeze them ahead of time and purchase a prepared sauce.

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Ginger Beef and Mushroom Stir-Fry

A variety of texture and colour is a feature of most stir-fries due to tender-crisp vegetables. In this dish crunchy bok choy stems and peanuts add more contrast to the velvety mushrooms. For convenience slice, prepare and refrigerate ingredients the day before.

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P.B.L.T. Salad 

The favorite combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato tops baked portabella mushrooms instead of bread for a light lunch.

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Barbecued Mushroom Pita Pizzas

Pitas make these individual pizzas a breeze to create for a nutritious light meal or snack.

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Mushroom Focaccia

Foccacia is an Italian flat bread like pizza but without the sauce and the dough is thicker. For quick preparation on the barbecue, use a premade flatbread or foccacia. Place directly on preheated grill for 5 minutes or until warmed through.

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