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5 Easy Weekday Meals for April

You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to make a hearty meal for yourself or your family. Create these scrumptious meals in only a few minutes and spend more time enjoying the food than preparing it.

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Veggie Wrap

Delicious meals, like this wrap, can be made in a matter of minutes.

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Lamb Stew with Sweet Potatoes

Okra and peanut butter contribute to the thickness and heartiness of this West African-inspired stew. In addition to huge amounts of beta-carotene supplied by the sweet potatoes, this dish is rich in zinc and B vitamins from the lamb.

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Rice with Shrimp and Dill Dressing

In this omega-3 fatty acid-loaded salad, quickly seared tiger shrimp are served on a mixture of aromatic basmati and wild rice, crunchy broccoli, snow peas and yellow pepper tossed in a fresh dill and lime juice dressing.

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Chicken Stuffed with Brie

Here’s a simple yet elegant recipe for barbecuing chicken that requires only two ingredients-and some toothpicks.

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Easy Salmon Cakes

This simple salmon cake recipe is a great way to use up those canned items that have been sitting in your pantry and whose shelf life is about to expire.

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Indian Chicken and Broccoli Wrap

These mouthwatering Indian-style wraps are quick to make. The recipe uses whole-wheat pita wraps instead of the traditional Indian chapatis.

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Weeknight Meals Made Easy

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