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3 Carrot Recipes

Loaded with beta-carotene, fibre, antioxidants and vitamin A, carrots are a vegetable we could all stand to eat a little more of. Try one of these delicious recipes to sneak this healthy veggie into your daily diet.

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There are lots of ways to sneak more veggies into your diet.

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Summer Carrot Soup With Basil and Spinach

This delicious carrot soup is the perfect appetizer for any summer meal. The garnish adds a splash of colour as well as bumping up the nutritional value.

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Carrot Tube Cake With Ricotta Drizzle

Who doesn’t love carrot cake? The sweetness of pineapple and raisins complements the carrots while the nuts bring additional flavour. Using ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese reduces the fat content in this recipe.

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Chicken and Carrot Tajine

Unlock the sensational flavours of Moroccan cooking with this protein-rich recipe that combines sweet and spicy sensations.



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