Can You Find Seven Santas Hiding in This Christmas Scene?

In this image, nine festive people are throwing a virtual holiday party. But they have some unexpected companions—several miniature Santa Clauses that it'll take an eagle-eyed puzzler to spot!

We all know that the holidays are going to be a little different this year. The usual company-wide holiday parties and big family gatherings are going to be replaced by virtual get-togethers. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any holiday spirit. This visual puzzle from Rovva, the world’s largest business support platform, illustrates just how merry an all-online Christmas gathering can be.

Among the well-decorated homes of these socially distanced revellers are seven hidden Santa Clauses. Almost all of them are miniature in size. Some of them are full-body figures, but for others, all you can see are the Santa hat-topped heads! Ready to give it a go?

can you find all the santas in this image?Courtesy Rovva

(To help you out, we’ll tell you that the bearded, bespectacled man, in the home with the big mirror, does in fact count as a Santa, though he’s not exactly “hidden.”)

Here’s another hint: No individual “screen”/person’s home has more than one hidden Santa.

Ready to see where they are? Scroll down!

illustration revealing the positions of all the santas in the graphicCourtesy Rovva

Did you find them all? If this was a piece of cake, check out more fun brain games to give your grey matter a workout!

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