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Canada’s Fallen, Forever Remembered

Every day at 11:00 a.m., a member of the House of Commons Protective Service Staff enters the Memorial Chamber of...

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Ryan’s Well

On learning that African children were dying for lack of clean water, the young Canadian decided to act

12 Ways to Remember the True Meaning of Christmas

Amid the bustle and the buying, the eats and the treats, take time to rekindle the real spirit of the...

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The Second Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

From its first publication, "A Christmas Carol" has charmed and inspired millions. There have been scores of editions and translations,...

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Grow Ops-An Inside Look

What—and who—lurks behind closed doors across our nation?

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The Klondike Gold Rush

Wilfrid Laurier was barely a month into his new job as Canada’s Prime Minister in August 1896 when gold was

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Who Are Canada’s Homeless?

Most of us have become accustomed to seeing the homeless on our streets. What surprises us is the unprecedented rise

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Canada’s Most Wanted

In co-operation with the RCMP and other police agencies, Reader's Digest launches a manhunt for this country's most heinous...