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The 5 Books Margaret Atwood Can’t Wait to Read Next

Ever wondered what was next on Margaret Atwood’s personal reading list? We recently bumped into the CanLit icon on a...

TIFF 2017: Brie Larson Embraces Her Inner Child with “Unicorn Store”

Academy Award winner Brie Larson’s directorial debut, Unicorn Store, tells the story of a woman who refuses to grow up....

8 Words You Will Never, Ever Hear the Royal Family Say

Some terms are considered too improper to be spoken by royalty. Social anthropologist Kate Fox explains which words are banned...

10 “French” Things That Aren’t Actually from France

Even some of you francophiles are guaranteed to be surprised by the true origins of these terms mistakenly coined to...

8 Facts About Twins That Will Blow Your Mind

Seeing double? Each year more than 6,000 sets of twins are born in Canada. Here's what you need to know...

Meet the Most Indestructible Species on the Planet

Could these creatures outlast all other life on Earth? Science seems to think so.

This Non-Profit is Bringing Smiles and Flowers to Lonely Seniors

Floranthropie founder Christine Law brightens seniors’ lives with blooms.

Meet the Woman Working with First Nations Elders to Preserve Canada’s Most Important Plants

Equal parts teacher, gardener and historian, ethnobotanist Nancy Turner has dedicated her life to keeping Indigenous plant lore alive.

Carol Off: The RD Interview

Veteran journalist Carol Off on global conflict, gender politics and becoming part of the story.

How the Least Bike Friendly City in Canada is Becoming a Cyclist’s Dream

Tired of Edmonton's reputation for being Canada's least bike friendly city, Paths for People founders Conrad Nobert and Anna Ho...

Good News

Some of the positive stories coming our way

That’s Outrageous: 3 Raging Fire Stories You Won’t Believe Are True

Check out this round up of unbelievably wild raging fire stories you probably won't see in the news.

Drama in Real Life: Polar Expedition Gone Horribly Wrong

"In the distance, a wolf howled and Brian Koonoo howled back. Then he made his decision: if he was ever...

10 Secret, Quirky Messages in Company Logos You See All the Time

What do Apple, Amazon and Toblerone have in common? Their logos each hide a secret code!

5 Things Prince George Will Inherit

Prince George of Cambridge may only be kindergarten age, but he's already gotten to know the royal life. Here are...

9 Weird Ways Pencils Changed the World

Why pencils are yellow, who drank graphite-infused wine, Hemingway's pointy little secret to great writing, and more.

10 Inspiring Books Every Teacher Needs to Read

Whether you're a rookie looking for advice or a seasoned educator seeking inspiration, this collection of books will help you...

You Have to Risk Falling to Be Able to Fly

One-time wannabe Wright brother Terry Fallis recalls his ill-fated childhood quest to conquer the skies with a homemade hang-glider.

This Facebook Group is Making Toronto Safer For Everyone

After a woman in a hijab was attacked, Kanwar Anit Singh Saini and Mita Hans saw an opportunity to take...

You’ll Never Guess What Amazon Was Almost Called—and Why They Had to Change the Name

Before Amazon became the world's largest online shopping site, there were several different contenders for names—and if you type some...

14 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Called by Different Names in the U.K.

The chips/fries difference is just the beginning.

How One Woman’s Medical Battle Inspired Her to Help Kids with Special Needs

After a life-changing volunteer mission, Simone Cavanaugh created Pivot International to provide much needed medical care to kids with special...

Dianne Whelan: The RD Interview

Filmmaker and adventurer Dianne Whelan on moose encounters, the songs that keep her company on the Trans Canada Trail and...

Why Greeting Syrian Refugees with Parkas and Animated Films is the Ultimate Canadian Act

The items distributed to more than 25,000 Syrian refugees say a lot about the place our country holds in the...

What Really Happened When Jackie Kennedy Met Queen Elizabeth

The first lady famously charmed France’s president Charles de Gaulle, but Britain’s sovereign was another matter. Here’s what didn’t make...

If You Find These Types of Jokes Funny, Science Thinks You’re Insecure

There's never a time or place for tasteless jokes, so why do some people insist on telling them? A 2017...