Can You Find the Cat Hidden in This Photo of Bats?

This puzzle is tricky—the cat looks just like the bats except for one main thing: it doesn't have wings!

bat cat puzzleCourtesy Gergely Dudás-Dudolf

During the Halloween season, you can never be too sure about what might be hiding in the shadows. Is it a ghost? A goblin? Or a black cat? Luckily, this drawing by Hungarian illustrator Gergely Dudás is more sweet than spooky, but it is hiding something. Can you see where the little black cat is hiding among all of the bats?

Have you found it yet? Hint: the cat is the same colour as the bats but it doesn’t have any wings. If you’ve already found the little feline and are ready for another puzzle, see if you can find the owls hidden in these photos.

If you’ve given up or want to check if you’re correct, you can find the solution here. You can find the cat by counting in three bats from left to right in the bottom row. The cat is touching the right ear of the third bat in. It looks like it has wings because the two bats next to the cat have their wings on top of it, but don’t be fooled, it’s the cat.

If you think you’re a pro at these puzzles, or just want to do more of them, the creator of this puzzle, Gergely Dudás actually has a whole book of them. It’s called, Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things: Halloween Seek-and-Find, and you can get in on Amazon for under $10. Dudás also has a Christmas themed puzzle book if you prefer to find festive things.

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