Caroling Candle Holders

Protect singers’ hands from hot wax with these easy-to-make holders.

Caroling Candle Holders

What you will need:

7-inch silver cardboard cake liners, available at baking-supply stores

6-inch candles, dripless if possible

Craft knife

Step 1:

For each holder, trace a 3-1/2-inch circle onto the liner (use a glass with that size rim as a guide). Then stand your candle up in the center and trace a circle around it.

Step 2:

To create a pattern around the edge of the holder, use a stencil (for stars) or straight edge (for triangles) and pencil to draw desired shapes on back of liner. Then use craft knife to cut out pattern. Carefully bend each star or triangle downward to create a decorative edge.

Step 3:

With your craft knife, cut an “x” across the inner circle and insert the candle.


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