Can You Spot Which Airplane Doesn’t Belong in This Picture?

It’s hidden in “plane” sight, but it’s not as easy to spot as you think.

Airplane-PuzzleCourtesy Airport Parking and Hotels

Let’s be honest: Vacations aren’t always relaxing, especially if you’re flying. Between long layovers, flight delays, and cancelled trips, it’s amazing that we reach our destination at all. But we’ve got one airplane-related quandary that doesn’t have any real-world consequences and won’t derail your travel plans. Can you find the airplane that doesn’t belong in this image of a busy air traffic map? If you can find the cat hidden in this photo, then you can probably find the one different airplane in this image.

Hold on tight—you can’t just “wing” this tricky task. Airport Parking and Hotels has created a brainteaser that might leave you scratching your head. In it, they ask you to scour the scene for one plane that is flying in the opposite direction of the others on its flight path.

“This is a tricky puzzle, but the airplane is in there somewhere,” Nick Caunter, a spokesman for Airport Parking and Hotels, said. “Thankfully, catching the right flight in real life is usually a little easier.”

If you’re struggling to spot the rogue aircraft, don’t beat yourself up. The airport company has provided the solution for anyone with their head in the clouds.

Was this puzzle too easy for your nimble noggin? We challenge you to spot the animals camouflaged in these photos, too!

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